I DID IT!!! & Sleeper Cell: American Terror

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First – GREAT news on the homefront. This morning I finished my degree plan for my Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology. I can’t believe it’s FINALLY over. This last course was in Criminal Justice and I might just make a perfect score in the course. I never, ever done that, and I’m thrilled by teh prospect. It all rests on my research paper, which I readily admit was quite difficult. Anyway, I’m asking all my friends to celebrate with me by going out and having a Starbucks drink or something.


Now, on to more serious matters…

Last week I was contacted by a man for a company called m80 noting that they had read my blog about James Bond’s Casino Royale movie and asked if I’d consider reviewing a TV series for Showtime. I was thrilled, yet very nervous! So, here’s my official review of this show that airs from Dec 10-19 from 9PM ET/PT.

Sleeper Cell: American Terror
This show is quite interesting. It’s a look at what I’ve always believed to be a reality–terrorists on our soil, allied to extremist causes and/or fundamentalist terrorists. I only got to watch one episode since I don’t have Showtime, but what I saw kept my interest although at times it seemed to drag. I detected the normal liberal Hollywood bias here and there.

What I liked:

  • Oded Fehr who plays Farik, the terrorist – he is practiced, cool, and realistic. Very well executed on Oded’s part.
  • Farik plays with his interrogator’s heads quite well. Gotta admit how much I loved that “hot tea” scene. πŸ˜€
  • The emotional value of Darwyn (played by Michael Ealy), the deeply embedded FBI agent’s journey. I think this was well done. When his “handler” is killed, it sealed his fate and journey to stopping the terrorist cell.

What I didn’t like:

  • The sex scene. It was totally unnecessary, but-hey, surprise! It was Showtime.
  • the pacing. For an hour-long episode, it semed to drag, which tells me that something was missing either in the plot or the development of the characters. I’d opt for the former.
  • The shoddy way the terrorist cell is pulled together. Come on! You CAN’T convince me that Farik would be accepted as the leader after this short amount of time. Give me a break. Groups like this are much more careful and methodical. If the big cheese figured it out, I can’t believe he didn’t tell anyone else in his group. *sigh*

Well, there is my repose on this new series. I really would’ve liked to have watched the rest to see how it holds up, to see what they do with this main hero. Anyway–I appreciate the opportunity to look at this show.

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  1. Ron Estrada

    Yayyyy! Now we’re both done. Nothing to do now but get pubbed and go on book-signing tours.

    I went out to celebrate. Had a few too many and got a little loopy. Who knew Starbuck’s had bouncers?

  2. :-)Ronie

    Aww, y’all are so great. Thanks!!

    Ron, when do we leave?? πŸ˜€ I’m ready and rarin’ to go.

    Starbucks has bouncers? Kewl! I know where I’m celebrating next…again…

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