I’m losing my mind…

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Well, not literally, but the other day, I was chatting witha friend on IM. And I changed my avatar to a diver with a shark swimming by. I told her the scene reminded me of Dead Reckoning. And she said, “and Midnight Zone.” Immediately, I was like–Oh, remember when Declan was diving and he got nudged by the shark that sliced his rebreather, which is how Declan got that scar.” I was nearly giddy reliving that moment. How he fought for his life and ended up being saved when Joselyn had to crack his dive helmet off with an oxygen bottle…


That part isn’t in the book. It’s the backstory. And Declan isn’t real, although I retold the event as if I’d just shared a day in the life of the Kendig family–like when my son lost his tooth eating a sandwich.

Blurring the lines of fiction and real life comes easy to me. LOL Only because my characters are “real” people with depth and replete with events that have colored their world to the mural they’re living now.

So–have you done this lately? Been so involved in your characters, that you suddenly find them coming to life in YOUR life?? Seen your hero in the grocery store? Have you ever had a character stalk you through your house as you’re trying to do laundry with him demanding you fix this situation the heroine has caused?


Me too.

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