Jeff Gerke, a meme, & a funnel. :-)

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Hey, y’all! Jeff Gerke, the former fiction manager for NavPress and once-helm-director of Realms, has gone freelance. This is awesome news for those of you who need an intense, highly-qualified critique of your manuscript. I’m telling you, Jeff gave me *awesome* help on my manuscript that was under consideration at NavPress. He worked with me and was ever so gracious. I highly recommend you consider contacting him for either a synopsis review or manuscript critique. Contact Jeff at

Oh–and be on the lookout. This man has a great new website coming. I plan to promote it here!


Well, my twin/clone Dineen tagged me on a meme created by “the secretly wants to be a suspense writer but writes chicklit,” Meredith Efken. I’m supposed to answer one these three questions and then tag five people. So, without further ado, here goes.
1. If you could write a novel about any subject, what would it be? (Just the subject–don’t give away your plot idea!)

2. If just the thought of having to write anything gives you hives, what would you like to read about in a novel that you’ve never seen done before?
3. If you hate reading fiction (you can get counseling for that, you know), what subject might make you change your mind or try it anyway?

Okay…lemme see…three doesn’t apply to me (come on–there’s entirely too much reality in teh world, grant me my one escape!). Two–well, I only get hives when I *don’t* write (can we say hypergraphia??). So, like Neen, one it is.

First I was going to say a contemporary about autism, but I’m already doing that. Then, I was going to say a really kewl spy story–but yep, did that too. 😀 So, I think for me, I’d want to write something to do with Egypt and archaelogical digs. I’m totally smitten with ancient Egypt for some reason (no, not their paganism…). Anyway, I think that’s what it’d be.

Okie day–now the punishment…er, I mean tagging. I have to tag five people. So, I tag…Jen Tiszai, Beth, Shannon, Stuart, and Steve M.


Well, the other day, I was pouting. LOL I got three rejections in the span of four days. Pretty depressing. Part of what is so frustrating, is everyone telling me I’m “such a good writer.” BAH! If taht were true…nah, I’d better not. I’ll get in trouble. tee-hee. Seriously, though, I went and prayed. I told God that I felt like I was being teased, although I *know* that is not His heart. I had a long period where it felt like nothing was happening in my writing, then this summer, it was like the floodgates opened–requests for fulls!!–then it was like I hit this vacuous pressure…and to me, it felt like the doors had closed again.

So I prayed. And in a flash, I had the image of a funnel, as if God was showing me that all those oepn doors ultimately funnel down to His answer. So, it’s not a shut door, as I thought, but a process of thinning and refining. 😀

Someday, my hubby will be in the FBI. And someday…I’ll have an agent and a contract.

Until then, I think of Sir Winston Churchill who said, If going through hell, keeping going! 😀

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  1. Gina

    Ancient Egypt! No way, I’m plotting a cozy mystery with an archeologist main character. Maybe we need to put together a cozy Egyptian novella!

  2. Heather Diane Tipton

    I have nothing to say… shocking eh? LOL I’ve already talked to you about the whole funnel thing… yeah I repeat I have nothing to say. Which is interesting that I say I have nothing to say when you look at this comment you would think I did have something to say instead of having nothing to say. But yeah… nothing to say…

  3. Jennifer Tiszai

    Heather, you sure used a lot of words saying nothing. 🙂

    Ronie, I so hear you on the funnel process. I think I’ve been there most of this year. Grrr. It’s way frustrating, and you’re right, the only answer to the frustration is to know that God has a plan. So I keep telling myself.

    Okay, I’ll update my blog with the meme today. I’ll need a break from painting anyway!

  4. Dineen A. Miller

    Hey girl, so there with you. Like we commiserated today, we just have to keep waiting and persevering. So glad we can do it together. (((((((HUG)))))))

  5. Camy Tang

    That’s a good attitude! Your time will definitely come! We all believe in you! Well, and we’re all praying pretty hard, too.

  6. S. A. Miller

    I got tagged! Ahhh! :-p

    One it is for me, too.

    I have that proposal for a writers handbook to computers ready to go. The problem is that Writers Digest Books own that niche, and they don’t take on freelancers. Speaking at the writers conference on Word for Writers in a few weeks might help. We’ll see.

    — An adventure in the Philippines, in which a missionary kid becomes a jihadist. You’ve seen most of the plot for that, and I think I’ve finally figured an ending I can live with. Thanks much for the help; it was invaluable.

    — An altrnative to the Left Behind series, in which the rapture doesn’t happen pre-trib, but post-trib. Yeah, we might live through the Great Tribulation. Feel your tension rise?

    I just found both Dragons, Knights, & Angels; and Ray Gun Revival. I’m hoping to do some shorts in one or both of these preparation for the above novel.

    Has anyone seen the Worst Case Scenario Survival Guide series? I want to do one of those for surviving church. I’m in the midst of trying to serialize it with a magazine. If it goes, I hope to collect all the bits of wisdom into an anthology.

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