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Jeff Gerke is guest blogging at: about his un-hostile takeover of the editor’s panel discussion at Mt. Hermon. Because I write often in this genre, my bestest bud, Dineen Miller told me about Mr. Gerke’s comments, as did Camy Tang. Naturally, I savored these nuggest and his borderline-prophetic claim that Christian sf/f would make its comeback in 2-5 years. If you’re looking for encouragement in speculative fiction, check out this blog entry.


Dear friend Beth Goddard gave me an idea Friday. I think i’ve made her uncertain about approaching me with ideas, because I tend to horde what little bit of “free” time I actually have after homeschooling and college work every day. But this idea…it restored my joy and excitment over my space opera, Brand & Bound. Her idea was to start a promotion, of sorts, about B&B. The idea stirred me and intrigued me. Thus, I started a blog for this story, and will over the course of the next few weeks, improve it. In the future, I hope to create the Cenon Trading Center (a forum), an online hunt (for those of you who know Marco, he lives for the hunt–despite all rumors by a certain editor that this hunk of a man with amazing skills is a creature or kilt-wearing platypus), and entries by Marco about aspects of his life, including his unrequieted love for Stevie. 😀 So, stop by and see this work-in-progress blog/journal from Marco:

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