JUNE 1 – 20th Anniversary & 1 month till NIGHTSHADE

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Wow! I’m so excited. Today is June 1st–that means two very awesome things are happening in my life. First…
My TWENTIETH anniversary! No kidding. On June 1, 1990 I married the man of my dreams. I knew I had to snag him fast before he figured out the truth (hehe). Brian is a real hero. God has closed many doors to Brian’s dreams (army, architecture, FBI) but he has pressed on. Now, he’s able to speak/read/understand Arabic (not fluently yet). We aren’t sure what God has on the horizon for us, but I am really honored and excited to journey with my amazing man.

And…now…second…today means there’s ONE MONTH left until Nightshade releases. YAY! In honor of that, I’d like to share some of the early reviews that are coming in.

While I do not normally read novels featuring war stories, I read this one because I have a son-in-law who not only has deployed and served, but who is preparing to return to the war zone. It is books like this that will be able to reach those who are holding in the pain and who can identify with Max. ~~”kansaspastor” at http://kansaspastor.blogspot.com/

Nightshade is brilliant! Gripping characters, incredible pacing, and the most compelling plot I’ve read in a LONG time made this a book I could NOT put down. The author had me so entrenched, I felt like I was in the midst of the most amazing military-action-suspense-romance movie on the big screen. I’m hooked, and cannot wait for the rest of the series. Ronie Kendig is my new favorite author. ~~Kimberley Woodhouse, author of Welcome Home Woodhouse Family: Our Family’s Journey to Extreme Joy and No Safe Haven (B&H, January 2011).

This intense story full of action, is also full of emotion and life. Men dealing with issues they hadn’t planned on. Surprise after surprise and bomb after bomb set this adventurous trail with the reader racing to the end. I found myself crying and smiling and hated it when it ended. But I have it on good authority that there are more Discarded Heroes stories coming. Ronie, I can’t wait! ~~Jan Crow, Katy Budget Books, Buyer

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  1. Maegan Roper

    Congratulations, Ronie! 20 years is much to be proud of and thankful for! The new book looks great. Praying for you on this new journey…

  2. Kimberley Woodhouse

    I'm so excited for the launch of Nightshade!!!!

    And I hope you had an incredible anniversary. You guys are amazing.

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