Kira Reviews Trion Rising by Robert Elmer

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Howdy, folks!! Well, I have the delight today of lending my blog to my daughter Kira so she can review a book (yes, this review is WAY overdue…shame on both of us). So, without further ado, here is my daughter.

Back cover blurb: When the mysterious Jesmet, whom the authorities brand as a Magician of the Old Order, begins to connect with Orianon, he is banished forever to the shadowside of their planet Corista.

Kira here: I liked Trion Rising because it is like what Jesus went through with all those who hated him and when he was crucified, except with a futuristic twist to it. Robert Elmer is an amazing writing as well, trapping you in the story.

One of my favorite things in the book is a little earpiece that two people have and can hear each others thoughts, but only the thoughts that you want each other to hear.

I would recommend this book to people who love sci-fi and want a story with excitement, adventure, and a teenage girl who remembers everything she sees and hears.

Ronie here — Wow, I am a proud Mom! Didn’t my daughter do a great review. She really enjoyed this book–so much that she could recall the details from many months ago (I alluded to the fact that we’re “late” posting this review). LOL Kira has already said she’s looking forward to the next book! YAY!

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