Linda Clare & The Fence My Father Built

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Hey, y’all! Today, I want to introduce you to a really awesome lady–LINDA CLARE–and her Abingdon Fiction title, THE FENCE MY FATHER BUILT. Through Abingdon, I’ve gotten to know Linda, and I have to tell you she’s one of the sweetest, most encouraging ladies I’ve met. I’m so honored to feature her book and share with you a gem!


When legally separated Muri Pond, a librarian, hauls her kids, teenager Nova and eleven year-old Truman, out to the tiny town of Murkee, Oregon, where her father, Joe Pond lived and died, she’s confronted by a neighbor’s harassment over water rights and Joe’s legacy: a fence made from old oven doors.

The fence and accompanying house trailer horrify rebellious Nova, who runs away to the drug-infested streets of Seattle. Muri searches for her daughter and for something to believe in, all the while trying to save her inheritance from the conniving neighbor who calls her dad Chief Joseph. Along with Joe’s sister, Aunt Lutie, and the Red Rock Tabernacle Ladies, Muri must rediscover the faith her alcoholic dad never abandoned in order to reclaim her own spiritual path.

Think I’m just touting another of my amazing friends? Nope. WAit. Okay, yes–maybe I am. But read this and see what Jane Kirkpatrick had to say about Linda’s THE FENCE MY FATHER BUILT:

With vivid descriptions and a fine sense of place, Linda Clare introduces us to a little known landscape of the high desert west. Her distinctive characters soon populate the small sagebrush dotted town, the seemingly isolated homesteads, a ranching community’s ways, and our hearts. Self-discovery is not left to Muri Pond, the single mom seeking meaning in her life; each character makes a change a so do readers as the mystery of the fence is unveiled and we discover how voices from our past can transform and lead us home.” ~ Jane Kirpatrick, Award-winning author of Flickering Light and All Together in One Place

Ha! See, it’s not just me. You’ve got to read this book. And if you’ll leave a comment, I’ll draw a winner for a FREE COPY of this book.

BIOGRAPHY: Linda S. Clare grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and taught art as well as elementary school in public and private schools. She has published four books, including her debut novel The Fence My Father Built (Abingdon Press 2099). She has won several fiction awards, teaches college writing classes and works as a mentor and editor. Her husband of thirty-two years and their four adult children, including a set of twins, live in Eugene, Oregon, along with five wayward cats, Oliver, Xena Warrior Kitty Paladine, Melchior and Mamma Mia!


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  1. Shannon

    Just finished this book last night … loved it! Especially was intrigued with the way Muri's father held onto his faith despite his addictions … that was a very personal touch for me.

  2. Linda Clare

    Linda Clare here. Thanks to Ronie for posting this. She's awesome too. I'm so excited to hear the comments. C'mon–you love free books, right? Thought so.

  3. Kelly Freestone

    Hey there, don't really know if this is still going on, but I saw this book on, read the first few pages and fell in LOVE with the story! I'm so eager to find out what happens.
    Is the book still available?

  4. Ronie Kendig

    Kelly – Yes, it's still open. Glad you stopped by–you're the winner! Please forward your address to me so I can get the book mailed out.

    ronie at roniekendig dot com

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