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Over the weekend, I received a copy of Becky Wade’s upcoming release MEANT TO BE MINE. With my crazy-insane writing schedule (15k/week plus edits) and homeschooling, I had no intention of reading this novel right away, even though it looked wonderful.


So, I was stunned to find myself more than halfway through the novel without realizing I’d even started it. I have no idea what type of “spell” this novel cast over me, but I finished it in a 5-hour reading stint. For me, that’s extremely rare. The story was fun, lighthearted at times, and very poignant. Deep truths about forgiveness linger in the pages and seep into your mind/heart. A definite MUST READ!!

Because I enjoyed it so much, I feel the need to share this copy with one blessed reader!

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  1. Mary Foster

    I tweeted but could not find the url as shown in the pic. There is no date, just amount of minutes since I tweeted. Scrolling over them doesn’t bring anything up except the time.

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