Meet Aspen & Talon (sort of)…

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I am so tickled!! Earlier this week I heard from the amazing Ashley Schrock, who has designed all my covers. She was asking about harnesses and patches for Talon’s cover. I was so excited doing the research to help her figure out what was best to use.

Today, I got this email from her–along with photo:

Hey Ronie,

Got some more cool stuff for you. πŸ™‚ The designer sent over an outtake from
the photo shoot today for Talon. She said the dog was very friendly and
liked to roll in the dirt, so they played together a bit in-between takes.

Happy Easter!


What do you think? Is this Lab happy or what? πŸ˜€

And what a beautiful model! I can’t wait to see this cover. OORAH!

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