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So, I know there are authors who need absolute silence to write. I think you’d have to straightjacket me and put me in a padded room if silence descended on my life. You see, with four kids and three dogs, life around here is anything but quiet. And if it *is* quiet–there’s trouble. LOL

Let me also state there are some songs/artists that I cannot write to because the music pulls me out of the story. The bands I listen to while writing are ones that have a natural rhythm that somehow matches the pace of the story and lyrics/beats that aren’t so distinct that don’t create dissonance.

One of my favorite bands, Fireflight, is releasing a new album March 6, so I thought I’d share their debut single for that album…then share with you what songs/albums I listened to while writing various books. I wasn’t sure I could remember, but as the albums played, pieces of story came to mind.

Without further ado, here is Fireflight’s new single, STAY CLOSE, from their NOW album (releases 3/6/12):

For Talon and Trinity, I’ve been using a playlist that included 12 Stones and The Letter Black.

For Firethorn, I was able to find a groove with Kazi mostly when I listened to Fireflight’s Unbreakable album.

For a speculative story, Tej, I’ve been listening to the soundtrack for (get ready for this) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Don’t laugh. The score is done by Hans Zimmer. Amazing music. Always puts me in the mood to write. Check it out:

Do you listen to music while you write or read? If so, what’s pumping through your speakers/headphones/earbuds?


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  1. Anne Payne

    There’s always music in our home. With teenage boys it’s not always conducive to concentration but it’s fun! I have found that certain compositions of classical, praise & worship, and on occasion Christian Rock work for me while I’m trying to read or write reviews πŸ™‚ I’m so “distractable” though when it comes to music. I want to get up and dance!

  2. Rachel N Johnson

    I also pick my music based on the project I am writing. Right now it’s all very patriotic and military based. Think Brothers by Dean Brody or Have you Forgotten and the Ragged Old Flag. Then just the Manheim Steam Roller patriotic album. But the absolute silence is torture and it makes me jumpy like every time my house settles I come out of my chair looking for the source. I need some kind of noise

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