My Favorite Christmas Movie

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When most poeple are asked their favorite Christmas movie, typical answers include White Christmas, It’s a Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th Street (which is at the top of my list, admittedly). But for me, it’s While You Were Sleeping. In many ways, I can relate to Lucy, who doesn’t have family during the holidays and is always relegated “like a veal” to her booth at the elevated transit. My mom grew up in a large family with six brothers and sisters, but most of them remained in Ireland to this day. Therefore, most of our Christmases as kids were spent with our small, nuclear family of four–me, my parents, and my brother. When I was 12, my brother went into the Navy, which left me and my parents . . . who divorced a couple of years later. So, most of my teen years were spent with me and my mom alone.

Then! I met Brian. And on Christmas, Brian brought me home to Fort Smith, Arkansas, to meet his extended family. I was so overwhelmed with the merriment and enormity (or so it seemed to me) and smothering of love and Grandma Kendig–who was a slip of a woman but gave the most earnest (read: hard) back-slapping hugs of anyone I’ve ever met! Their Christmas gathering included Brian, his parents and sister, three cousins with husband and kids, and two sets of grandparents. It was wonderful and beautiful! And on so many levels, this is why I adore Lucy’s story in While You Were Sleeping.

Okay, well there is the whole adorable Bill Pullman thing and his notorious “leaning.”


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Comments 55

  1. Mandy

    My favorite is the Nativity Story. I love how they portray Joseph. I also like the Bethlehem Star. It’s more of a documentary than a Christmas movie but it’s eye opening!

  2. Voni

    I actually love this movie as well. It’s the only romance movie my hubby will sit through, and it’s nice to sit through it toGETHer. Wish I could explain that and so find another.

  3. Barb Denny

    I LOVE While You Were Sleeping!! One of my favorite Christmas movies is A Charlie Brown Christmas!!!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!

  4. Sara

    I love Christmas movies but my all time favorite is National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation! So funny and at the end of it all, Clark just wants to provide a good Christmas for his family.

  5. Bettie

    While You Were Sleeping is one of my all time favorite movies! Pullman and Bullock are so cute together. Especially when they are leaning!

  6. Arletta

    MY favourite movie is While You Were Sleeping. I watch it every year at Christmas and am impatiently waiting for my youngest to come home from college on Saturday so we can watch it together. Oh, all the feels!!

  7. Amy

    I’m a Christmas Hallmark movie fanatic. I know they’re super sappy, but with all the trash on TV these days it’s wonderfully clean escapism at its best. My favorite (as of this writing) is called “Christmas Wonderland”. I have several on my DVR, so that could easily change, but its great to have so many to choose from.

  8. Michele Pedersen

    The Santa Clause movies with Tim Allen. I have to watch these every year right after Thanksgiving and then Christmas can begin

  9. Amanda T.

    I can’t pick a favorite, that’s just too hard. However one of my favorite Christmas movies that my family watches every year without fail is “We’re No Angels” (1955). It’s kind of funny that’s turned into a tradition because the first time we watched it we came so close to shutting it off after the first 8-10 minutes, after that though it was all laughter and fun.

    Thanks for the giveaways! Merry Christmas!

  10. Ann Marie Wellman

    I love so many Christmas movies. Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer is a childhood favorite. I also like all the Christmas movies on Hallmark and of course all the classics.

  11. MJSH

    Ronie, now I have to find a copy of While You Were Sleeping and watch it. Haven’t seen it in years. My teenager daughter may appreciate it 🙂

    I have all of your Tox File books so won’t enter the giveaway but just wanted to say I LOVE your books and can’t wait for the next series.

    1. Post

      Thank you, Mindy!! I need to watch it again–watched it at Thanksgiving, but two weeks have gone by. Haha. Have a Merry Christmas!!

  12. Lisa Hudson

    I love White Christmas! My family loves the Home Alone movies & even though our children are 26 & 23 & one is married, we still have to watch ALL of them every year along with a healthy dose of Hallmark Movies. It’s a great time for us to be together & laugh & enjoy each other’s company.

  13. Laura W.

    I grew up watching White Christmas and Holiday Inn, so I love them both equally at Christmas! I think it has to do with the classic music, style, and dancing. It just means Christmas for me when I see them!

  14. Jessica

    That is a great movie and my sister’s favorite one. My favorite is Charlie Brown Christmas! Great giveaway, I already have your series but just want to say thank you and the other authors for this opportunity!

  15. Mallori

    I love “A Charlie Brown Christmas” and watch it every year on tv. There really are not many Christmas movies that I watch more than one time–I prefer to watch something new instead, but Charlie Brown is a classic.

  16. Carol Alscheff

    I have never seen While You Were Sleeping but I have been hearing quite a bit about it lately. I guess it’s time for me to watch it. One of My Favorite Christmas movies is The Bishop’s Wife.

  17. Jocelyn

    It’s a Wonderful Life is such an old movies, but it has so many wonderful stories within the story. Forgiveness, helping your neighbor, faithfulness, generosity, love….
    Thanks for the giveaway. And sharing the wonderful stories.

  18. Carrie

    Oh that is such a good movie! I should see if I can find it and watch this year!
    This summer we moved cross country, 2500+ miles away from our family, and although I breezed through Thanksgiving just fine, I am finding it harder this Christmas season (we cant make it “home” this year).
    I have been trying to make good memories and keep a positive spirit with our 3 young kids, since we miss our big family so much (grandparents/inlaws, 6 siblings, 3 inlaw siblings, and 12+ cousins! )

    I love the Charlie Brown Christmas movie.

  19. Kerri Norrod

    There are so many wonderful Christmas movies. My favorite is White Christmas. Of course, I watch a lot of Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel. Merry Christmas!

  20. Marlene Rempel

    My favorite animated Christmas classic is A Charlie Brown Christmas. My favorite regular Christmas movie is the classic White Christmas.

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