OORAH! New Single From Skillet Coming!!

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My all-time favorite band has officially become SKILLET. They’ve edged out some longtime favorites with their raw, intense music and lyrics. But also with the way they combine a bit of classical music with rock music. It’s just genius.

Skillet RISE

Just last week, I whined to my hubby that we hadn’t seen a new album from SKILLET in a while. Well, guess what–new single releases April 6. And I’m SO. THERE! Here is a teaser they posted for this new song. Here is the link to the official press release about this album:

Our new album RISE is coming June 25th! Read more here: http://www.skillet.com/blog/new-album-rise-coming-june-25-220536

RISE officially releases in June! Grab this single on April 6th to help tide you over. I know I will!

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