Operation Zulu Print Edition Cancelled

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I’m very sad to report that the print edition of Operation Zulu has been cancelled. My publisher says there is no demand for it; they might look at it again in a year. So to the many Rapid-Fire Fiction fans who said you were waiting until the print edition came out to read Zulu–I am truly sorry! πŸ™ I’m a hardcover/hard-copy kind of girl myself, so I can relate to your disappointment.


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  1. Amy

    NOOOOOOOO!!!! I am the last person on earth who does not own a Nook, Kindle or any other type of reading device except my own two hands! I heard wonderful things about this series and was anxiously awaiting when it would come out in print form. Have you ever thought of having your books available for print on demand? I work for a company that offers this and would gladly pay more if I could get my hands on one.

    1. Post

      I am so sorry, Amy!! You’re not the only reader–I got a lot of e-mails from readers who have been waiting for the print edition. My agent has asked them about the POD option, but I haven’t heard about a response yet.

    2. Barbara Duke

      No you’re not Amy. I don’t own no kind of electronic reader. And nor do I have a credit card where I can pre-order anything. I have a pre-paid debit card, but being on a somewhat fixed income, I have to load money on it each payday. Once I use what I loaded, mainly for bills, I have to wait until my next payday to load more money onto it. I was going to buy a copy when it hit the shelves.

      So don’t feel alone Amy.

  2. Cate

    I was also waiting very patiently for the print version in December, and had even pre-ordered it! I’d also be willing to pay extra for a POD version…

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