Phew! Walked Away from a big one

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So, I’ve been perhaps a little proud that I’ve been driving since I was 17 and had not a ticket nor an accident. Well, I totally wrecked that Wednesday afternoon. I decided to take my kids to see the constitution at the National Archives in DC. On the way back, I was involved in a 4-car accident.

I’m struggling with neck/shoulder pain, but also with guilt (rear-ended the car in front of me), grief (just being in the accident), remorse (the costs involved and the woman I rear-ended went to the hospital with “chest pains,” which one trauma nurse told me may be “stress reaction” to the incident) and disappointment (in myself for getting into an accident)…


Regardless, I am grateful for God’s protection over me and my kiddos. This could’ve been a lot worse–even the woman I rear-ended said the same thing! We’d all had to slow for a dump truck merging into traffic, so we all slowed down in the 55mph zone down right before the accident.


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  1. Beverly Knudsen

    Thank you LORD that you are all basicly o.k. I pray for healing for you and all involved in the accident and peace in knowing HE is in control !

  2. Ramona Staub

    Thanks to the lord! I know it is so scary being involved into an car accident. I’m grateful to know your kids, the other drivers and you are okay.

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