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I’m drafting up a potential new series, and I NEED YOUR HELP picking a last name for a character. I’m usually pretty good at nailing the characters’ names, but this one, I can’t pick between the two.


So, here’s your chance to tell me which name you like best–AND enter to win a Ronie Kendig novel:
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  1. Ginger Solomon

    Wow, that’s a tough choice. It took me a few minutes to figure out where I’d heard the name Palermo, but I think there is/was a casino in Vegas with that name. So, if your character has a Vegas personality I’d stick with Palermo.
    If your character is more mannerly, LOL, I’d go with Mannero.

    How helpful is that? πŸ™‚

    1. Post

      It’s actually a pretty good help–normally. LOL I typically do not have problems naming my characters but this last name stumped me on which was stronger and more appropriate for my heroine.

  2. Abbi Hart

    Initially I was gonna go with Palermo but I think Mannero rolls better. With Palermo you have to stop and make sure you are pronouncing it right. So I’d say Mannero!

  3. Tammy Sotela


    I can’t see the labels on the above sections (using my Kindle) I hope I put the right info in the correct places.

  4. Rheta Ellis

    Dear Ronie

    Hi I think I like Palermo it does slid off the tongue better. And the name you have to say it just right or it doesn’t sound right if you know what I mean. Just my opinion. Looking forward to Beowolf and Rapter 6.

    Rheta E

  5. Lesli Polk

    I think Mannero is easier to pronounce & readers may remember the name better. Also, the first name could make a difference on which last name would be a better fit.


  6. Vondia Caruso

    I have never heard the name of Mannero…but I like it. I would definitely go with that one πŸ™‚
    I’m assuming the character is Italian?

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