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​HOOAH! Rapid-Fire Fiction’s top-ranking operator is working with team commander Ronie Kendig to put together a small but elite, long-term team, known as the Rapid-Fire Fiction Task Force, whose objective is Rapid-Fire Fiction book promotions.

This elite Task Force will go beyond a single book launch and will become an integral part of the ongoing efforts of this team and successive missions. This will involve interaction with Ronie on a regular basis and will also include Task Force exclusive content and TS-1 Clearance for classified sneak peeks.

If you’d like to be considered for this extended mission, contact my Team Leader, Rel Mollet, at for the rules of selection and engagement!

PLEASE comment and let us know what you think, but REMEMBER: EMAIL THE TEAM LEADER TO APPLY!

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  1. Marji Laine

    I love Roni’s books! Have reviewed Firethorn, Talon, and Beowulf on my blog and was an influencer for Beowulf. My blog gets 500-1000 hits per month. I’d love to be considered for her team!

    1. Post

      Thanks for commenting, Marji–so glad you’re interested!!

      PLEASE NOTE the blog post says you must email the team leader. Comments do not count as an application. 😀

  2. Susan Grondin

    I really like the idea some authors have of creating a loyal group of followers to promote their work. This is very creative idea to be a part of Ronie’s Task Force. I hope to be chosen for the mission 🙂

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