Reluctant Smuggler — AWESOME!

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Okay, I really have very little time these days to read for pleasure…but wow! Jill Elizabeth Nelson’s latest book, Reluctant Smuggler is a steal! πŸ˜€ When I first got the book, I drooled over the cover. I mean, take a look —

Isn’t that awesome?! I am so jealous of this book cover. I’ve always wanted to write a Lara Croft-style book (um, big brother John Olson says “not in CBA, Ronie.” LOL). So, when I saw the cover, I needed a mop.

So, I’m sitting there, wondering. Will the inside be as great as the cover?

Guess what? It is! Jill’s story is fascianting. I confess I’m not done. Add to the insanity I’m living coordinating the ACFW Book of the Year contest, being list hostess, working part-time, getting my own writing/editing done, and making sure my twins don’t kill each other or theri sisters….well, I have very little reading time. But man! I’m finding tiem to read this book. Her story is great! Love the whole stolen artifacts theme. And the character development is totally working for me.

If you haven’t yet…you’ve got to get this book and start reading. πŸ˜€

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