Screen door on a Submarine

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I had a breakthrough this week. Well, at least I thought I did. LOL Monday we drove up to Plano (about 45 minutes north east of where we live now) to look at a rental home. It’s a pretty home–not GREAT, but would definitely meet our needs…and that’s the thing. We NEED to move. HAVE to move–our lease is up soon and the owner of this home wants to sell. SIGH.

Well, I was none too happy about it because there are so many factors to consider…like our homeschool enrichment classes and me commuting twice a week, the boys’ speech therapy, Brian if he gets into the FBI (which means another move within the next year). Anyway, on the way there, I was telling my hunky hubby about this breakthrough–how I’d gotten to the place with God’s help and grace, that I really truly believed the promise He gave me–that I’d be published. That I could move beyond the despair of rejections (yeah, yeah, I hear you laughing). Really, I do much better with rejections…

Well, doncha know I’ve been tested beyond belief since then. Wicklow Gang got rejected because we are four unpubbed authors. The publisher said we had an incredible story cooncept, the writing was great…sigh. So, there it is. THEN! I find out that publisher I had been waiting on with another story lost my proposal. That’s in addition to the agent that had a similar thing happen last week.

So, you’re sitting there wondering what a Screen door on a submarine has to do with all this, right? Well…that’s about how I’ve been feeling in life, in writing, with my friends, with my familiy. You might call it a pity part, but I won’t. LOL I seriously feel useless. I keep wondering…what’s the point. but I know better than this line of thinking. I really do. Back in the 90’s brilliant singer/songwriter Rich Mullins had a song called Screen Door. I had the distinct privilege (Okay, yes–it was a major blast of a job!!) of coordinating concert tickets for a large bookstore chain back then, so I got to meet and hang out with Rich at one of his in-stores. He was truly a very incredible man–if he could’ve just learned to Buckle up! Anyway, the chorus went something like this:

It’s about as useless as

A screen door on a submarine

Faith without works babe

It just ain’t happenin’

One is your left hand

One is your right

It’ll take two strong arms

To hold on tight

Two strong arms….to hold on tight. Tight to what? Faith? God? YES.

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  1. Ron Estrada

    You’ve got a great attitude, Ronie. After finding out about my sister-in-law’s cancer, I thought “Who am I to get upset over a rejection slip (or 10)?” What an honor to write for Him. I believe we’ll all be pubbed. But if not, it was a great ride! Praise God!

  2. Robin Caroll

    You just keep on keepin’ on, Ronie…I’ll find the steel, D will get the bolts, and Ron will bring the blowtorch. We’ll fix that screendoor on the sub while Heather holds the light! We’re all in this together, this crazy journey. Where we go one, we go all!

  3. Camy Tang

    I love that song. I sang it in college with my acappella group.

    You’ll hang in there, and things will work out. God’s always there with you.

  4. Dineen A. Miller

    Can’t believe you met Rich Mullins and never told me that. Wow! Love his music, love his life…

    We’re right there with you, girl. And I am not letting go. LOL!

  5. S. A. Miller

    You’ve heard me say it before. I say it again. I have no question whatsoever that you’ll be pubbed one of these days. I still want that autographed copy when you do.

    I miss Rich Mullins. And Keith Green. Arg. What is it about great singers and moving vehicles?

  6. Heather Diane Tipton

    You are far from useless. FAR FROM IT. Totally get where you’re coming from. Hang in there girl, you’re getting there. Gotta love the journey.

    and one more thing….

    Awwwwwww! Robin included me!

  7. Lynette Sowell

    Great song, Ronie! Hang in there with the move, and all that goes with it. Plus trying to write and keep encouraged in the midst of it all. Sorry to hear that about Wicklow, but don’t give up on it. Not yet. 🙂

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