Sergeant Rex!

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In my ongoing research (really, does it ever end?) regarding miltiary working/war dogs, a friend (waving at Kate Burnett) showed me a book I hadn’t heard about yet: Sergeant Rex: The Unbreakable Bond Between a Marine and His Military Working Dog. The handsome guy on the front lured me into buying it straight away.

And let me tell you, this has been one of the best books on military working dogs–from a “active” standpoint. Sure, you can read textbook-style tomes or books that read more like instruction manuals, which will give you the gist of the story.
Or you can read SERGEANT REX-feel the heat, the torturous fear of walking IED Alley, sense the ominous presence of danger in the Triangle of Death, and the incredible heart-tugging bond between handler and four-legged hero.

Truly, this is probably the best book I’ve read on the MWDs. The author put me RIGHT THERE. Despite two annoyances (the language which is to be expected when you’re reading play-by-play dialogue in the heat of battle, and the constant misspelling of one of the primary MWD breeds–Belgian Malinois (misspelled MALINOISE in the book), the book captivated me, immersed me in the lives of these two military heroes and propelled me toward the end. I was delighted to discover that Rex is still alive/well.

Just two things to say:


THANK YOU, Sergeant Mike Dowling and Sergeant Rex,

for your service and sacrifices!

You are heroes!!


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  1. Mia R.

    I read this book in one day! While it is a compelling personal account, it is also a very informative book about Military Working Dogs in general, and what they do to keep our soldiers and our country safe. Thanks for sharing, Ronie!

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