Spring Scavenger Hunt Stop #6

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Spring Scavenger Hunt – Stop #6


HOOAH! Welcome to Rapid-Fire Fiction, the home of Ronie Kendig, military suspense author. And welcome to the Stop #6 in the Spring Scavenger Hunt. There’s a lot happening and hopping on this hunt, so let’s be brief. Please note:

  1. The hunt begins on April 4 at noon Mountain time.
  2. The hunt begins and ends at http://www.robinleehatcher.com/scavenger-hunt-stop-1/
  3. The hunt ENDS April 6 at midnight Mountain. You have all weekend to complete it, so take your time and enjoy each post. Remember:
  4. Collect a clue in red at each stop, writing them down as you go.
  5. Hunt is open to international entries— Prizes include a Kindle Fire HDX + $100 gift certificate and two runners-up will receive all 31 of our books
  6. If you stumble upon a link that’s not working, check this list for the correct link! Sometimes strange things happen, and the links get funkified. Thanks for your patience! http://www.robinleehatcher.com/scavenger-hunt-participating-authors-stops/
  7. SEPARATE GIVEAWAY – At the end of THIS POST, Ronie (yours truly) is hosting her own private giveaway, in addition to the main hunt. Please be sure to stop there and enter for a chance to win more prizes.


In case you find a broken link…


We have prepared a page with direct links to each author’s post in case a site goes down or a link gets broken. We’ll be working on getting all of the links prior to the start of the hunt, but sometimes there are still issues even after the hunt starts, so make a note of the URL for the Participating Authors & Stops page so you can check back and be able to complete the hunt.


And now it’s my pleasure to introduce medical romantic suspense author, Dr. Richard L. Mabry to you for this guest hunt post. When I lived in TX, I had the distinct pleasure of getting to know “Doc,” and I think you’ll enjoy meeting him too.

MabyrCritical Condition cover


What was to be a quiet dinner party becomes a nightmare for Dr. Shannon Frasier when a man is shot dead on her lawn, reviving emotions from a similar incident a decade ago.

Shannon struggles with fears that her sister may be back on drugs, is frustrated by her continuing inability to commit to her “almost-fiancé,” and feels her world crumble when her father reveals he is fighting cancer.

Could it get any worse? Then the first late-night threatening phone call came. “What did he say before he died?”




Shannon Frasier’s First Day In Medical School

(a prequel to Critical Condition)

Shannon Frasier hadn’t known what to wear on her first day of medical school. In college, she’d dressed as casually as possible: jeans with holes in the knees if the weather was cool, shorts if not, either of them topped by tee shirts that often advertised rock concerts or events her pastor-father wouldn’t like. But for med school she decided she’d better start off conservatively.

She looked around her, reflecting on Dean Duncan’s welcoming speech, if one could call it that. “We didn’t ask you to come here,” he said in his rich English accent, “but we’ll be asking some of you to leave. Don’t get to be good friends with your neighbor. They may be gone tomorrow.”

The day flew by—lectures in anatomy, physiology, even biophysics. Then, in the afternoon, she’d covered her lab coat with a plastic apron, steeled herself, and stood with three classmates over a cadaver they’d spend that semester dissecting.

Thoughts of body lying before her led Shannon to reflect on the transience of life itself. She recalled a Scripture, although she couldn’t quote it exactly: “We are fearfully and wonderfully made.” Our body is an amazing machine. Our very life is a gift, although some, like her sister, seemed bent on squandering it. Megan was in rehab right now, and Shannon wondered if this would be her last stint, or just the first of many.

Shannon spent a long time in the shower, trying to wash away the smell of formalin that seemed to linger in her nostrils. She tried to ignore her fears after this first day in medical school. Was this what she wanted to do? Would she be good enough? Could she make it without disappointing her parents?

She was ready long before Todd picked her up. In her dreams, Shannon could see herself married to this handsome young man. They’d been sweethearts all through high school. College was tougher, but they kept up their relationship through emails, letters, and the occasional weekends back home.

As the couple walked arm in arm up the sidewalk toward the restaurant, Shannon wondered about this date. Was it to celebrate her first day in medical school, or was Todd ready to ask the question that had been increasingly on both their minds?

Todd paused outside the restaurant door, turned to her, and smiled. “Shannon—” Then the shots rang out, he slumped to the ground, and everything in her life changed…forever.


Mabryheadshot 2


About Dr. Richard L. Mabry


Richard Mabry is a retired physician, past Vice President of the American Christian Fiction Writers, and author of “medical suspense with heart.” His novels have been a semifinalist for International Thriller Writers’ debut novel, finalists for the Carol Award and Romantic Times’ Reader’s Choice Award, and winner of the Selah Award. His latest, Critical Condition, is his seventh published novel. You can follow Richard on his blog, on Twitter, and his Facebook fan page.


—I hope you’ve enjoyed your time here at Rapid-Fire Fiction, as well as this exclusive content from Dr. Mabry.

Before you move on to Stop #7, Dr. Mabry’s own site (http://www.rmabry.blogspot.com/), to pick up your next clue, be sure to write this down: Stop #6 clue: “ask him”.



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  1. Samantha T

    When will raffle copter giveaway start? Would love to sign up but it currently says not started yet and starts soon. Thank you for your help!

    1. Post

      Thank you for commenting. My Rafflecopter time got changed somehow. THANKS for alerting me. It should be good to go now!

  2. Angi Griffis

    Thanks, Ronie, for being part of the Scavenger Hunt! I love animals and I think it’s really awesome how you’ve given one our wonderful heroes a loving home. 🙂

  3. Beth Rumbaugh

    I must get Trinity read, I have it , just haven’t had time. Also, Code Blue by Richard L. Mabry, M.D. was very good.

  4. Debora Wilder

    Thanks for being a part of the scavenger hunt. Your giveaway for the Breed Apart series is great. I would love to win them. I can’t find your pinterest boards to follow them though. I have done both of the other items so I still have a chance.

  5. Ruth Smith

    I am very definitely an animal lover so therefore I love books about the working or training dogs. The reviews of your Military dogs sound wonderful and I would love to win one as I have not read any of your work to date. Thank you very much for the opportunity to enter your give away and I would be delighted to be among your winners. Thanks also for being part of the scavenger hunt, I am enjoying it a lot! So much fun to see all the new books with reviews and authors that I am not familiar with and their interviews. May God continue His blessings on you! PS: I liked you on FB. but I just dont use Twitter.

  6. Lisa Medeiros

    I love your dog! 🙂 I have a Portuguese water dog and a poodle…. I love them to bits… even when they come in covered in mud from the backyard on a muddy day lol…. Love the cover of Raptor 6!

  7. Kristen

    I think it’s so awesome what these dogs do for our country and think it’s so neat they can be adoptedd upon “retirement!” Thank you for giving Vvolt a safe and loving home! You are a true gift!

  8. Robyn Conners

    Thanks for the giveaway and for honoring the military. I had not heard about this but plan on looking into it.

  9. Maxie Anderson

    This was a very interesting post. You now have two heros, huh? neat! Great prize. I am enjoying this scavenger hunt, and meeting all of the authors. Maxie mac262(at)me(dot)com

  10. Shirley Davidson

    I’ve backtracked a bit. I realized I missed posting a comment on a couple of pages. I wanted to thank you for being a part of the Scavenger Hunt. I’m especially grateful that you introduced Richard Mabry. I always love a new author! By the way, your books will be gifts to a friend of mine this year. Not sure if it will be her birthday in September or Christmas. Thanks again!

  11. Amanda Geaney

    My husband and I are a military family. I served for 10 years before I married my husband and we started a family. Now I serve as a military wife. I didn’t even know that you could adopt MWD’s. When I was deployed to Saudi (showing my age), the vets would use our surgical suite at the hospital to treat the working dogs. I was really quite amazed by the how well the dogs were treated and trained. I’ve wanted a Belgian Malinois since we were stationed at Elemendorf. I worked with an officer that had 2 of them and had asked me to housesit for her while her and her husband were on vacation. They were a little intimidated when I came in the door but we had gotten them used to me through a series of visits before they left.
    I’m adding your books to my growing list of “to be read” selections.
    Grace & Peace,

  12. Necee L

    I absolutely LOVE your books!!! The Military War Dog series has been one of the best I’ve ever read. I think it is a great way of sharing the struggles of our military & the love we have for working dogs. LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR BOOKS!!! Can’t wait for the next one to come out! Blessings to your & yours for all you do! Female Vet of the US Air Force!

  13. Cyndi Wilson

    LOVE your books! In fact, Beowulf is, at this very moment, on the arm of my chair waiting to be read as soon as I get off this computer! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your story of Vvolt!

  14. Symona

    I just want to let you know, Mrs. Kendig, that I entered the novel contest—with the wrong e mail. I am so sorry!! I’m going to have to post something like this on a few other author’s sites…
    So, just wanted to let you know that…(dang, who else but me doesn’t even get their e mail right? MULTIPLE TIMES??*fume at self* very, very, very embarrassing…)
    And I wanted to say that your books sound totally awesome. I am definitely going to get a handful.
    Thanks for sharing your story and participating in the hunt!
    God bless!!

  15. Kelly Blackwell

    I love the idea of military working dogs. My station manager’s son is a police officer with the canine unit. It is some serious work. Thank you for sharing about Richard Mabry too. I have enjoyed a few of his books. I look forward to reading more from you both. God bless you!
    Oh thanks for participating in this scavenger hunt.

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