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My crit buds, Ron Estrada, Robin Miller, and Dineen Miller and I are doing a sort of round robin storyboard-idea-type thing. Ready for my confession? I am totally out of my element. LOL Panic? Yeah, absolutely. I mean, it’s hard enough to write a story where you “control” the story (cuz we all know you can’t control characters!! *grin*), but when you have four strong writers doing a composite story like this…well…it should be interesting to say the least. LOL And if it all falls apart, we’ll blame it on Ron–it was his idea after all. Plus, he’s the only guy, so it’s an automatic exclusion. Right? *wink*
So, let’s speculate. With four different authors, two who write romantic suspense, one who writes paranormal, and one who writes sf/f thrillers (and a bit of RS)…what on earth will happen to the characters within the StoryBoard?? Ron says it will have to be silly otherwise we’d need a plot. Okay, yuck. He’s right. LOL So, whatever happens to the characters, Roger Kidd, Natalie Kidd, Sophie Lennox, and the Villian (dun dun dun-dun!!!), this will be a blast. I hope you’ll take the time to keep up with these characters–after all, imagine–a controlling older sister, a rebellious younger brother, a codependent eccentric young woman, and a villain…well, there’s bound to be trouble.
As The Fantastic Four, we wrote a series together called Saving Wicklow, and it’s a pleasure to work with these awesome people again! And I’m so glad to be a part of this, cuz it’s getting me out of my funk. πŸ˜€

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  1. Dineen A. Miller

    πŸ˜€ Funk gone!!!!! Woooohoooooo! LOL! It’s gonna be blast and you know it. He he. Now I need to find that villain and have him or her blast you for putting that picture on your blog.


  2. Robin Caroll

    I’ll second that, D…that pix IS horrid! LOL You know, the next time we’re all together again, we MUST get a better pix!

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