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Well, tonight I returned from a quick, quasi-unexpected trip to DC where I got to hear Brad Thor speak then walk through the rain with my hubby. A wonderful evening!


Anyway, so I just finished Raptor 6 and turned it in to my editor. I’m so pleased with that story, which is more thriller than my previous novels and ends a little differently. I think you’ll love it, though. I sure did!

Here’s my summer reading TBR pile. This stack includes titles I’ve accumulated while working on Raptor, thought I have too many more on my shelves. (And I do not know why, but WordPress flipped the picture upside…and the program refuses to correct for me. LOL)


And here’s a photo from tonight’s signing where Brad surprised me with his humility, graciousness (in a manly way, of course), and foresight/intelligence.

Hunky Hubby, Ronie, and Brad (picture blurred to protect the...uh...innocent)

Hunky Hubby, Ronie, and Brad Thor (picture blurred to protect the…uh…innocent)

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  1. Veronica

    I just finished reading Talon and couldn’t put it down loved it! I was wondering what happened to Kalyna after she was found on the stairs?

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