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Banner2_BreedApartI’m working hard on finishing up Raptor 6, which is a little different from my previous titles, and therefore, a little more challenging to me. So, I’m trying to focus on making it the best I can. I appreciate your prayers and patience.

As a reward for being such awesome fans, here’s a chance to win an autographed copy of TALON!


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  1. Anne Payne

    I think the most satisfying ending is when the main characters have grown in their faith, and there are no loose ends. Unless, of course, it’s a continuing saga 🙂

  2. Marji Laine

    I like happy endings with all of the plot-threads tied up, but I agree with Heather that it needs to be realistic. A completed character arch also makes me give a thumbs up.

  3. Lucy

    I hate loose ends. If the book is part of a series and I know there will be more to it, I’m okay with it. But otherwise, I just hate it. I love endings that aren’t predictable. If I am shocked or surprised, that is fantastic! I don’t need a perfect, happy ending, but I don’t like seeing a character I’ve invested in go through hell for nothing, either. There has to be some reward.

    And the death of a lead? For shame! LOL! The last book I read that made me really angry put the leads through the wringer with no payoff whatsoever, because one of them got killed, out of nowhere, in the end. NOT. SATISFYING. As a result, I will never read this author again, no matter how much I enjoyed the book up until then.

  4. Sara

    Just like others, I like a happy ending! I’m all for suspense and drama throughout the book, but make sure all the loose ends are tied up and I’ll have a smile on my face.

  5. Andrea Cox

    A satisfying ending to a novel, for me, is when the hero and heroine reach that point within themselves where they reach their goals and you get a hint at what the future holds for them.

    Thanks for this fun giveaway, Ronie!


  6. Jennifer

    I always like when the book is finished at the end maybe you don’t know what has happened to all the characters but the main characters stories are completed. Not crazy about sad endings but keeping things realistic is important too.
    Thankyou for doing the giveaway!

  7. Rachel Schofield

    I enjoy books that end with all the issues in the plot dealt with, and a happy romance. I do enjoy series though so having a bit of a teaser about the next book is fine as long as there is some sense of completion. Realistic conclusions are best!

  8. Sandra Lovelace

    I just started reading Discarded Heroes #1 and my Honey is on title #4. Only one other time were we devouring the same author. Thank you for putting the gifts God has given you into a format that can be shared and enjoyed.

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