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This is a very special giveaway for me. Due to a mix-up, I ended up with two copies of The Annotated Firebird by Kathy Tyers (Marcher Lord Press, $26.99) that just released. So, I am giving away one of the copies, completely free!!

Just leave a comment and tell me why you want this book, what makes it special to you?

For me, I first heard about Firebird on my first-ever encounter with new agent STEVE LAUBE when I pitched my near-futuristic story, LIBERTY’S SON, to him in 2004. I hadn’t read much speculative fiction beyond Stephen Lawhead, due to some well-intentioned restrictions by my mother, who wanted to be sure we were honoring God in our lives. Steve told me to read Firebird. So, I did…and it absolutely revolutionized my thinking and writing.

When Marcher Lord Press announced they had secured the rights to re-publish this amazing series and would actually print the remaining books, buying The Annotated Firebird was a no-brainer.

In a war she doesn’t believe in, she must forge a bold new destiny.

Firebird: Lady Firebird Angelo departs her home world expecting death in space combat. Captured instead, she finds a startling destiny among an ancient telepathic family-and a new kind of battle against implacable enemies.

Fusion Fire: Firebird discovers both evil and uncontrollable power at the depths of her own spirit, and when her sister commits unspeakable treachery, she must draw on that power to save the man she loves from certain death.

Crown of Fire: Firebird returns to her home world, where some consider her a hero-but those in power have labeled her a traitor. Facing death once again, she discovers the cost of pride and the true meaning of sacrifice.

In a single volume with newly created maps and annotations, here are the first three volumes of the beloved Firebird series, freshly edited for Marcher Lord Press by bestselling author Kathy Tyers.

So, there you go! AMAZING!!! Leave a comment WITH A CONTACT ADDRESS to enter to win!

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  1. Bernadette Hulland

    Hello, I would love this book because my Mum is a bookaholic. She loves to read and I got her the first book on kindle and she loved it, but she prefers hard copies and she really wants the rest. However, they are expensive though I have been trying to find it for her. I love to surprise her with books when I can and I know she’d love this.

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