The Year Is Upon Us!

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I can’t believe we’re launching 2009 already! How on earth did that happen so fast? It seems only yesterday…Okay, okay. I’ll spare you the boring details. You know the gig. 😀 But i do want to take a moment to reflect on this amazing year. In November of 2007, I felt that 2008 would be a “year of promise.” And it was!

  • Brian got a great new job that helped get us back on our feet both financially and emotionally (nothing like feeling like major losers after six years of financially struggling and battling to get your life “back,” only to have your feet swiped out from under you again).
  • We moved back to the metroplex and found a beautiful new home to rent. God closed the doors to purchasing a home, but we are hopeful that in 2009 we can realize that dream.
  • And also this summer, my awesome agent Steve Laube negotiated my first book contract. I am so delighted to be a part of the Abingdon Press fiction line and working with Barbara Scott, the awesome acquiring editor. I am so blessed! Watch for the book cover sometime in the next couple of months!

As Ryan indicates with his thumbs-up, 2008 was a good year, overall. So…here we are. On the eve of 2009. And what do I feel God saying about the coming year? Well, I think He’s saying its’ a Year of Jubilation. when I shared that with Brian, he reminded me of the Jewish tradition of the Year of Jubilee–the slaves are set free and debts are forgiven. I am excited and thrilled to see how God will work in our lives over this next year. My deepest prayer is to be a conduit that funnels all attention and glory to HIM!

In the next month, I will post several reviews (sorry, I got really far behind when I brought my twins back home to school them here). There’s a ton of great, clean fiction out there–so watch for the reviews to know what to check out.

Before I hop off and get back to the insanity, I wanted to make you aware of a free MP3 download as part of a promotion in conjunction with one of my favorite bands, Kutless. Here’s the information:

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  1. Lisa Harris

    Loved reading over how God has blessed your family this year! I know it’s been a tough road in many ways, but He is so good and faithfull!

    May 2009 be a year of Jubilee!

  2. Ronie Kendig

    Thanks, Lisa! It’s been very interesting watching God move. I am looking forward to seeing what happens in this next year, not only for me, but all my friends–you included!

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