THIRST! Cover Reveal for Jill Williamson

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Y’all! I am so excited so share Jill Williamson’s cover reveal for THIRST . Jill is a beautiful person and so passionate about helping other writers in the speculative genre–and especially teen writers (check out GoTeenWriters!).

And without further ado … here is THIRST!!!!!


The end of the world is only the beginning. A waterborne disease has contaminated the world’s fresh water, decimating the human race. Seventeen-year-old Eli McShane and his friends flee the chaos and violence in Phoenix and journey north toward the rumored location of a safe water source. They add several to their number, including the mysterious Hannah, who is being hunted by a dangerous man. Desperation brings our the worst in many of the travelers, infecting even those closest to Eli. When division comes, will he be able to hold his group together or will each fall victim to their own thirst for survival?


Join some old friends from Glenrock and Jack’s Peak in this thrilling first book of the Thirst Duology. Best-selling author Jill Williamson has brought back the breathtaking suspense of the The Safe Lands series in this chilling prequel that will leave readers panting for the next installment.



Jill Williamson is a chocolate-loving creator of kingdoms and the award-winning author of over twenty books, including her debut novel, By Darkness Hid, which was named a Best Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror novel of 2009 by VOYA magazine. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and two children. You can follow her on Instagram (@jill_williamson_author) or on her website at





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