Time off for … Good behavior?

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Well, I’ve felt God nudging me the last few months to take a short break from writing. Not in the sense that He’s asking me to give up writing, but to relax, take time to focus on Him, my family, and relationships. I confess I fought that nudging–fought it out of fear. You see, I was scared God would remove this gift He’d given me. That alone was irrational because God’s not an “Indian Giver.” I love writing. it’s fulfilling and extremely satisfying. At times, it’s even my therapy after a hard day. Yet I still feared taking the time off, feared, I’d come back to write one day and….couldn’t.

However, after a difficult rejection, my fab-o agent suggested I spend the next few weeks concentrating on friends and family. I knew then that what he said was a confirmation of what God was urging me to do.

So. I am. I’m not holding fast to my daily writing goal. As a matter of fact, I am not writing. Period. I’m not critiquing either. However, I am reading and studying…and in the midst of all this, my well that had run dry is once again bubbling up with story ideas and thoughts on how to make some of my stories better. After Christmas, I am praying that I can return to writing with a renewed vigor and vision to be all that God wants…to write compelling stories that drive God’s message into the hearts of the hurting and searching.

And in the middle of all *that*, I’m enjoying my family, surviving my job in the retail world, and taking it easy. I almost feel guilty. 😀 I said ALMOST. LOL

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  1. Jennifer Tiszai

    I’ve taken a few extended breaks from writing and have found them to really help me feel excited about writing again. In fact, I don’t have much time for writing right now.

    And sorry about the rejection. They really suck.

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