To Win Her Heart by Karen Witemeyer

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Hey, folks. Well, I thought we’d take a brief diversion from the intensity you’re used to finding here at Supernatural Craving so you can have a chance to breathe (we all need to that at least once in our lives, right?), and share a historical novel with you.

Shocking, huh? Well, I got to meet Karen Witemeyer at a writer’s retreat and I was so touched by her gentle nature and smile, that when she asked for influencers for To Win Her Heart, I jumped at the chance. (A small confession-normally, when I’m not reading thrillers or spec fic, I’m reading historicals–go figure!). So, here is my official review of Karen’s newest release.

Charming and delightful! Karen Witemeyer’s TO WIN HER HEART will steal yours! The characters are unique and so very endearing. I found the backstory of hero Levi Grant to be original and compelling. Truly a great plot concept. The heroine was a bit more typical, but also unique in her own right.

The spiritual elements were done well, and I was pleased to see even the less-than-holy characters in the story turning the upright characters toward the Lord with a few well-placed chides about character and Scripture.

And the ending was perfect! Really made the entire story complete. And can I just say—way to go Ornery!

You’ll have to read the novel to get the last line, but hey–I’m just trying too hook you, right?

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