Tommorrow, tomorrow! (Done in pirate language!)

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Aye, well, tomorrow is the beautiful day that my friends and Me con’ene in Dallas at a beautiful hotel for the writer’s confarnce o’ our belo’ed Acfw. Aye, me parrot concurs. Arrr, the weeks up t’ now have been fraught with stress, ups, downs, and those times whar you just want t’ hide under the co’ers and make the world go away. Gar, Where can I find a bottle o’rum?

————————-Arrr, but no more, gar! Tis’ time t’ party, gar!

Aye, i’m so excited for this confarnce. I’m determined t’ rest, enjoy the time with friends God has gracioulsy gi’en me, and make new friends–and pray for those who be pitchin’ their stories. Aye. Ahoy, o’ course, I’ll post pictures when Me come back.

I’d like t’ lea’e e’eryone with one thought–God is workin’ in your life. He is Act’e, not passi’e. Rejoice in what He’s doin’!, shiver me timbers!

(Okay, that was a Pirate translation from: Way kewl…y’all should check it out.) Also, as provided by Glass Road Productions, here are more links:

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