Tox Files #3 Has A Name

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HOOAH!! Received word that the title of Tox Files #3 is officially approved!!


Below, is a “Ronie-can’t-write-back-cover-copy” version of what will someday develop into a legit back-cover copy (seriously, y’all–my publisher RAWKS the copy…so it will be snazzy eventually, but for now, well…it’s not. I hacked and slashed to try to tidy it up and well…yeah…still needs help!!). Please don’t judge me or this book on my lack of copy skills. haha.

Cole “Tox” Russell hungers for one thing–to have a quiet life with Haven Cortes. But first, he must rid himself–and the entire world–of the formidable Arrow & Flame Order, who have an agenda of their own: to dominate the political world.  To do that, they must reassemble an ancient sword said to thirst for the blood of its enemies. The resulting chaos entangles Wraith in a battle that brings them to their knees, exposing secrets, betraying loved ones, and pitting friend against friend. To defeat their enemy, who has survived centuries, will require  a thirst of their own, a thirst for justice. No matter the cost.



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  1. Sandra C. Carr

    waiting impatiently….I will have no fingernails by the time it gets here!!!
    2:15 a.m.
    JUST found and finished HAWK….you out did yourself with the cliffhangar stuff LITERALLY….I thought Hawk would NEVER get off that mountain and get those women and girls to safety… about “on the edge” , of my seat , that is…
    Also looking forward to TITANIS……thanks for hours of immersion is great writing!!!!

    1. Post

      What a delightful comment to find this morning! Thank you, Sandra! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the books and finding yourself immersed! Crown of Souls comes out in 2.5 months, so maybe that’ll curb your nail-biting tendencies for a while. LOL!

  2. Peggy Maberry

    Hi! I’m new to reading the Tox Files series but I’m somewhat confused about a few parts of the Novella that seem to be missing OR I just overlooked them in Book 1. I can’t seem to find complete information on how, why and when Brooke died, only that it was after Gaylen won the election. I know Tox was there when it happened but that’s all the info I have. Would you please fill me in? I’m a big fan of all your series!!!!!

    1. Post

      Hi, Peggy!! Thank you for being a loyal Rapid-Fire Reader!! As for Tox and the events surrounding Brooke’s death–they haven’t been overlooked at all! They are integral to Tox’s arc through all three TOX FILES books. Keep reading! Big reveal in CROWN OF SOULS then more info in THIRST OF STEEL (2018).

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