US War Dog Association

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                                                             VVolt N629 (ret)

In 2018 when Brian and I moved up here to New Jersey, we had the daunting task of finding a new vet for our dogs, but that gets a bit tricky because of VVolt’s training. Then one of my friends from the MWD community informed me there was an organization that will cover retired MWD’s medications and bills. To my stunning delight, the United States War Dog Association was right here in New Jersey, and one of their hospitals is within an hour’s drive from us! I couldn’t believe it. So, I applied and got VVolt N629 (ret) covered.

There nearly 100 dogs covered by this program. And ya know what, friends? That’s not a cheap thing. Okay, friends. I almost NEVER share organizations for donation purposes, because there are a TON out there that are deserving and do amazing work. But today, I would like to share with you about the the United States War Dog Association ( Right now, VVolt is at the vet with some needs, and I’m still in awe (and huge relief) that the bill is being covered. Right now, my husband doesn’t have a job, so this is an enormous weight off our shoulders. And I’m asking you to consider donating, even if it’s just $5 or $10. You can click this link to donate (there is a PayPal button at the bottom of the page):

Thank you for considering!!

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