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Wowzers! it’s been eons since I posted, but I have a legitimate excuse…I was on vacation. We left Texas early the morning of July 1, which was my eldest daughter’s 13th birthday. With that note, the first picture I’m posting is of Ciara (pronounced KIRA) and some of her birthday celebrations…

The girl is amazing. She’s already 5’6″ and has this very “exotic” taste in clothing and style (which she was born with–imagine matching your clothes at 2 years of age, when other children are worried about which wall to use markers on!!). Ciara is a very laid back young lady, except when it comes to spiders (tee-hee). She’s very into nature and animals, and oh–let’s not forget her obsessive love of Mustang cars (which her dad and Uncle Owen perpetuate). For her birthday, one of her favorite gifts? A Power FM t-shirt (see picture) from her favorite rock radio station, 89.7 Power FM. Oh, and let’s not forget the pink cowgirl hat her Aunt Julie & Uncle Mike gave her.

This vacation was family-rich and miles-long. 😀 Our first stop was to visit my big brother and his beautiful wife, Owen & Marianne, at their 2nd home in Truckee. I’ve always been very proud of my big brother and growing up hasn’t changed that. Here is a photo from the day we spent on Lake Tahoe with Owen & Marianne:

(Owen, Marianne, Ronie w/ Keighley, Ciara, Brian, (front:) Reagan & Ryan)

From Truckee, we drove back on teh 4th to Owen & Marianne’s home in San Rafael, where we hooked up with Ronie’s Auntie Pat & Uncle Bob, and also Marianne’s parents and brother for a 4th of July BBQ, where Ciara’s birthday (which, incidentally, is also the birthdate of Ronie’s late mother (and Auntie Pat’s sister)) was once again celebrated. Of course, for Ciara, the highlight of this party day was the ride in Uncle Owen’s restored Mustang that he takes to shows and the dashboard is autographed by Shelby himself. (We won’t mention how the two-seater left no room for Brian, who nearly crumbled into tears at the roar of that classic Mustang engine). LOL

I’ll stop for now…but tomorrow, I’ll tell you about Camy’s chicken salad…

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  1. Jennifer Tiszai

    Aw, thanks for sharing the great pics! Sounds like a ton of fun.

    Of course now, if you’re like me, you have a ton of laundry to tackle. Always the part of coming home I dread.

    Glad you’re back!

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