Valleys, Deserts, and Dark Tunnels

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Hey, everyone! Wow, things are just insane right now. Let me update y’all. It’s been a very tough road since 9/11 hit and the technology industry tanked. We’ve been through a lot, including foreclosure and we’re about to hit four moves in five years!! UGH! I hate that. Four years ago, it was spoken over us at church that the “tide was turning.” We expected and wanted that tide to be a Tsunami and to hit us fast and hard.

Didn’t happen.

God had other ideas. But now, we’re here, and after a very long journey through the desert (along with the blisters, snake bites, and sunburns to prove it), I believe we’re coming out on the other side.

About three weeks ago, Brian got a call that there was a job up in the D/FW metroplex doing exactly what he loves doing–selling internet security-type stuff. The type of job he’s always done so well at. He dashed off his resume. Got a call within ten minutes. He interviewed the next day.

Not only did he get the job, but he’s assigned the best territory with a pay and benefits package that will get us back on our feet (read: be able to pay our bills) for the first time in three years. The official offer letter/package arrived Friday. Woo-hooo!!!!! He signed the letter and emailed it back immediately. That means his start date was officially Friday–which (should) mean he gets paid at the end of the month (that was a concern)!! Brian is leaving tonight to head up there and begin his new career.

And God reminded me of something today. In January, I charged a new bedding set that was on clearance at my work. Between the clearance price and my associate discount, I got a fabulous deal. I was very proud. But almost as soon as I made the purchase, I had this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. God really nudged me hard to return the comforter, prompted me that this was the year to get out of debt. I have to tell you, I REALLY wrestled with that. It was a great deal and our other one is torn and falling apart. Besides, I couldn’t see how we would ever get out of debt, especially since we were living on my part-time income. I was like… “Um, hello, God? Are you missing the part where Brian has no income? And Brian gave me *permission* to buy the comforter!!!” (That alone was a miracle, I thought. LOL)

As you can imagine, the discussion was one-way. LOL God wasn’t budging. He gave me His wisdom. I had a choice. Return it or not to return it.

I returned it.

And then Brian got this job. And then we got a HUGE tax-return…so much so that we paid off four bills and caught up on the others. When I shared this with Brian, I told him it wasn’t that my returning the comforter brought about those things. But without that experience between God and myself, I wouldn’t have recognized the Hand of God moving in our lives as much, and I wouldn’t have appreicated as much the whole getting out of debt thing the way I can now. Obedience in such a small thing opened my eyes in a BIG way…even though it didn’t make sense when it was happening.

We are far from being clear and free. But we’re on the road.

Confession: It’s really hard, however, to rejoice in all this, knowing that my dearest friends are still in their deserts, their dark tunnels. I know we all have different journeys God calls us to, and we’re all at different phases, but it’s still hard to see my friends hurting so much….

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    Oh, wow! I’m so glad to hear that things are on the upswing for you! And that you’ll be back in the DFW area, which I know you’ve really missed.

    Rejoicing with you and praying that God will continue to pour unexpected blessings upon you!

  2. Dineen A. Miller

    Awww, loved this post, girl. I’m so excited for you guys! I’m glad you’ll all soon be back in the metroplex area. God is so awesome.

    And I praise him for such a precious dear and best friend like you. I am richly blessed by your love and care.

    Love you! XOXOXOXOXO

  3. Jennifer Tiszai

    So happy for you guys! I feel like I’m starting to see the end of my desert season ending too. The cool thing about those desert experiences is that you learn things you couldn’t have learned and experience God in ways you couldn’t have any other way.

    Not that I’m eager to go back there!

    Praying awesome things for you!

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