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Hey, y’all! Come on over to Seekerville and visit me while we talk about contest Aftermath!!


Okay, so I’ve been offered a contract by Barbara Scott with Abingdon Press (have I mentioned lately how thrilled I am??), and I already know they are working (or maybe that’s done at this point) on setting up their outlets, like Amazon, etc. But one thing that has me a tad … um… curious is what graphic designer or designers they will have. So…in light of my curiosity, I thought I’d post a copule of covers that have piqued my interest lately:

1. Shadow of Colossus by TL Higley — ABsolutely love the cover. The colors are soothing and pleasant. The image of Colossus’s foot gives it a powerful nudge. And the woman is just beautiful.

2. Auralia’s Colors by Jeffrey Overstreet – I love teh dichotomy of this cover. The title mentions color, yet it’s almost a monochromatic scheme, with the only true hints

of color coming from the overcloak on the heroine. Very intriguing and mysterious.

3. Miss Fortune by Sara Mills – this book is releasing next week, and I think the cover is absolutely perfect for the genre and era of this book.

Wow, I realized I could go on and on listing book covers. And my favorite graphic designer, Dineen Miller, has such a knack for stuff like this (see my header on my website!!). LOL What about you? What covers have gripped you lately?

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  1. Dineen A. Miller

    Aww, thank you, my twin! I’d love to have a shot at your covers, but terrified I’d not do those awesome stories of yours justice. Would be fun though! 🙂

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