VVolt N629 (ret) Seizes Rainbow Bridge

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VVolt is gone. Our hearts are shattered. Mid-morning yesterday—after he’d eaten breakfast and taken his medications—I noticed he wasn’t doing well. He seemed very mopey, then borderline lethargic, refusing food and water. So, we took him to the ER … and late last night he went into distributive shock, likely from the cancer. The Red Bank Veterinary Staff, especially Dr. Levitt, was extremely respectful and caring—they draped a flag blanket over him as Brian and I watched him leave our sides to seize the Rainbow Bridge. Around 11:30pm, he went peacefully amid our tearful, whispered thanks for his love and his service.


Many of you have heard me say—I’ve never known or loved a dog like VVolt before. It’s true. He was the most amazing dog I’ve ever encountered. VVolt bonded to me immediately on adoption day at Lackland AFB, and he quickly trained me how to really *love a dog. He taught us about the driving intensity that is a military working dog, along with their lightning-fast instincts, their fiercely protective nature, but also their goofiness, the insanity that is the Malinois protector. I always felt safe with VVolt, knowing he would violently defend me should anyone try to harm me—but that could be tricky when Brian hugged me, as VVolt would charge into the fray and muzzle-punch Brian. LOL We learned hard and fast how to RESPECT THE DOG, to not think of him as a “pet,” and to give him the lead he needed to be what he was. It was glorious watching him gradually let go and relax some. When Benning came along, it was incredible to see the way the puppy in Benning brought out the hidden puppy in VVolt. I’m so grateful they had each other in the last couple of years. When VVolt got sick yesterday, I saw Benning walk over and nuzzle VVolt’s neck—I knew then it was time to say good-bye, as VVolt rarely allowed Benn to do things like that.


There is a giant crazy-Malinois-sized hole in our hearts and lives, and we know many of you will feel a similar pain as you’ve loved him vicariously through my posts. Thank you for your care and concern over the last year as he battled cancer. Your prayers carried us through.


RIP, Big Handsome. Guard those pearly gates with the zealous initiative you had in attacking life—and anyone who touched your Kong. We love & miss you terribly, VVolt. Thank you for letting us be your people.

THANK YOU TO: Red Bank Animal Hospital (Dr. Morges, Dr. Lewis, Dr. Glass, Dr. Ford, Dr. Levitt) for all your amazing care of our amazing hero; Ron Aiello & the USWarDog Association for covering VVolt’s medical expenses and prescriptions; thank you to Lackland AFB for breeding and adopting out to us the most incredible dog we’ve ever known; thank you to his former handlers who trained this beast and risked your hands when retrieving his Kong; thank you to all my readers for loving this boy vicariously through the posts we’ve shared.

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