What’s Next for Rapid-Fire Fiction? A Leif in the wind…

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Whoa. *cough*sneeze* It sure is dusty up in here. I am officially mortified that I haven’t made a post since . . . forever. Granted, we moved from a 4,000SF home in Northern Virginia to a nearly 90-year-old 1700 SF home in New Jersey in the last month, so I’ve been a little busy (okay, crazy-busy).

For those following me on Facebook and Instagram, you will remember that last summer, I signed another contract with Bethany House Publishers for a new series . . . and I cruelly withheld the details. But guess what? The wait is over (well, mostly . . . somewhat). I can promise one thing: no more wandering despair because the Tox Files only has one more book coming out (okay, there are those who, like me, will mourn the end of The Tox Files in a profound way, but we’re all adults here and can work through our grief and move on, because–as they say–there are good things ahead).

Here are the details:

It’s a three-book contract for a series titled the Book of the Wars. The headlining hero is none other than Leif Metcalfe (hooah!), whom you’ve met in Crown of Souls and he’ll show up again (teaser!) in Thirst of Steel this summer (7/31–You have preordered, right?). And if you need some . . . um, inspiration about Leif, just look up Jessie Pavelka. (Helloooo, handsome!) Y’all know whose little brother Leif is, right? The same guy who cornered a Christy Award for the novel that featured his his epic adventure and romance. (That’s a lot to live up to, Leif. Just sayin’…)

As for the books themselves–which are currently untitled. Here’s what you’ll find in all three Book of the Wars titles:

  1. A hunky alpha hero (c’mon–you knew that would happen; I mean, I’m a hopeless romantic, so there HAS to be *some romance (at least a smidgen but not enough to scare off the dudes, both fictional and real) named Leif Metcalfe.
  2. A paramilitary team replete with the camaraderie you’ve come to expect from a Rapid-Fire Fiction novel. And suspense. We’re talking the similar vein of The Tox Files, but edging back toward the classic paramilitary stories before that amazing series.
  3. Bible Archaeology – yep, we’re continuing that from the Tox Files, but maybe not as heavily.
  4. Wars/Combat/Action – um, hello? Soldiers. and hello? Book of the Wars. No-brainer, right? Or is it . . .
  5. Rapid-Fire Fiction. Yep. You saw that coming, too, didn’t you?

First book will release Summer 2019.


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  1. Kim G.

    I am an adult but I’m not sure how easy it’s going to be to work through the grief of no more Tox after this last book! I must say though that the new series sounds great!

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  2. Winnie Thomas

    Well, if we have to give up Tox, it’s comforting to know we’ll have another awesome hero to assuage our grief. I hope you’ll let us know how Tox is doing once in a while! I’m looking forward to Thirst of Steel this summer, along with your new series next year.

    I hope you’re settling in to your new home and neighborhood. Moving is a lot of work. Last time we moved we had 30 years of stuff to deal with!

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      Thank you! This move was probablyt he hardest move I’ve ever had to make. I’m slowly finding myself and my new home amid the insanity. haha.

  3. Voni Harris

    New Kendig series … I guess I need to skip some meals to make room in the budget! Lol … JK. I guess I need to give up Diet Coke. Or haircuts. JK! These are pretty high on the “needs” list. 😉 Very excites!

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  4. Andi

    I am in!!! Yes, I will morn the ending of the Tox Files, yet in the same way I am beyond excited for this new series! Time to get another bookshelf!
    I hope you are finally settling in and enjoying your new home and surroundings.

  5. Cindy Tuohy

    Can I just squeal with delight!! I have great appreciation for you in being able to be a wife, a mother, etc., etc. All that along with being such an awesome author! You keep writing and we will keep purchasing each and every one of your books. Thank you for using your amazing gift.

  6. Amy

    Oh. My. Word!! You had me at Metcalfe! Canyon was my first crush of Ronie Kendig heroes. Fingers crossed Leif will be checking in with his big bro during the series. Be still my ‘rapid fire’ beating heart <3 <3 <3

  7. Douglas Collins


    My Mom and I couldn’t find the last Quiet Professional Book, Titanis, in the Bible Book store.

    We noticed that the publisher was Task Force Press. Is that a self publishing company? Is there any way that our Bible Book Store can order it? They couldn’t find it in their computer.



    1. Post

      Hello, Douglas. Yes, Task Force Press is Ronie’s imprint. The rights to this series reverted back to her and she is working hard to get them back up for sale. Titanis, which is a novella (roughly 30,000 words), is only available on Amazon, B&N, Kobo, etc. If they contact Ronie (ronie[at]roniekendig[dot]com), perhaps something could be worked out.

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