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Oops! She did it again. Susan May Warren, that is. She’s done it again with yet another fabulous Noble Legacy Series book! Sigh. I have told Sara that I think Susie has become my new hero in writing. The way she hauls me into her stories with a tight rope (yes, pun intended, even if it is lame), hunky characters (come on, admit it! Rafe and Nick are gorgeous men!! Why else do you think they’re on her covers!), and carefully crafted stories. Without further ado, here’s Rafe…sort of:

First–a fabulous new contest! Enter to WIN A STEAK DINNER WITH RAFE NOBLE!! (an Omaha Steaks gift certificate and a copy of Taming Rafe!).

Rather than supply a typical excerpt, I’m going to once again show you a line that made me laugh, and in a way, captures the essence and flavor of Taming Rafe awesome writing:

“Oh, please, there isn’t a woman alive who wouldn’t stand on a bed of coals to sit next to Lincoln Cash.”
“He’s not my type, which only adds to the fact that my mother and I were nothing alike. I prefer well-barbered, silk-suited man to a whiskered, rough-edged scoundrel who considers a wink the invitation to dinner or more. Besides, I have Bradley.”
Cari sighed. “Right.”
“Bradley is stable. And patient. Everything a woman could want.”
“If you’re a houseplant.”

I love that part! Classic. Keeps the edgy tension balanced with a bit of humor. I love doing that in my own stories.

Now, here’s where you can Taming Rafe 1st Chapter.

Susan’s website

Super cool — the Book and series trailer

And last, but certainly not least, here is the Rafe blog.

OH…Because I think Susan is soo kewl, and because we share the same agent extraordinaire (Steve Laube), and because you can’t NOT read this book…I’m going to do something I don’t normally do. I’m going to buy a copy of this fabulous book for ONLY BLESSED WINNER (between Shoutlife, Edgy Christian Fiction Writers, and this blog). So, make sure to leave your name and a phish-proof email address!!!

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  1. Rachel

    I already have it, so don’t put my name in the bag.

    If I could just follow Susie around all day every day and listen to her talk, I’d be the most prolific writer on the planet! I REALLY hope she’s teaching at conference again. My best breakthroughs come when I’m listening to her talk.

  2. Patricia

    Who hooo Ronie and Susan. AND Rafe!
    Okay, you’ve got my curiosity churning. And I want to read that book!!! I do’t think my address goes phishing, Nto sure what it does when I’m not around. Hmm. Finding Rafe — he’s not fishing with my address is he? : )

  3. Linda Goodnight

    WEll, I HAD to come over and leave my name on this one. I read one of Susan’s books, “In Sheep’s Clothing” a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it. Then, when I saw the covers of these two cowboy books–oh my–I wanted to read those too. In fact, I love the Nick cover so much, it is hanging over my computer as inspiration for my current wip for Love Inspired, HOme to Crossroads Ranch. I needed a hunky cowboy and there he was!! Thanks so much.

    The houseplant line was classic. Loved it. Wish I’d thought of it! LOL

    Be blessed!

    Linda Goodnight

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