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It’s been an amazing week! God has totally blown my socks off with so many unexpected blessings, I feel like I’m trying to drink from a fire hydrant! I’d like to share these blessings with you:

1.) Firethorn won the 2013 Selah Award (Fiction – Suspense) from the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writer’s Conference with–get this–a PERFECT SCORE! At the award dinner, I was so blessed to have my in-laws and three of my children with me.

Selah Award

2.) Yesterday, I received word from the Faith, Hope, & Love Inspirational Reader’s Choice Award that TRINITY: MILITARY WAR DOG is a finalist in the Romantic Suspense category! I am over the moon with this for Trinity. I already consider it a win because this is putting MWDs in front of an even larger audience, and that was my goal with that book–to bring an awareness of a really cool element within the military establishment.

Trinity cover_FINAL

3.) I wanted to make a note here about the Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt. JANET BARNES was chosen as the winner, and I replied to her comment on the post, but there’s no way for me to contact her. If she does not reply by Sunday evening, I will choose a new winner for the 4-book giveaway of the Discarded Heroes! It’s so imperative when you enter a contest that you leave a way for the coordinator to contact you. Rafflecopter totally glitched out on me, so I had to do this by “hand.”

Thanks for celebrating with me and with Janet! I love doing giveaways, so make sure you stay tuned, here and on Facebook

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  1. Jorie

    Ms. Kendig,

    I am so very thankful to see that my entry made it on your blog for the Scavenger Hunt, even though I wasn’t the winner, I wanted to make sure you knew that I not only support the Hunt authors, but I am thankful that I stumbled across your writings earlier this year,… I have your books on my ILL list for my library! πŸ™‚ I am not sure why, but your blog appears off-center to the left of the screen,… the night I marked down my entry for the Hunt’s 4-book extra prize, I couldn’t even tell if it posted (thankfully after the Hunt, I read my comment!), which is why I contacted you through your other site: I never heard back, so I presume the site isn’t active any longer. I was curious, is posting a comment on your blog the best way to contact you OR do you have an email for readers!? I thought it might be handy to know how to contact you, esp as I noted you’ll have other bookaways on your blog!?

    Hopefully, you can can see our email addresses as whenever I come to a blog that asks you to imput it, such as wordpress or typepad, I notice that that is the way for the author to contact us. Yet. If you do need to re-draw the contest, my email is: inkand-bookaways(at) I’ll simply add it to my future comments, as like I said, I am not even sure why your blog/website is acting up for me!?

    I look forward to visiting your blog over the Summer!
    Blessings to you, and Congratulations on your recent accomplishments!

    I am so very happy that your books are making such beautiful waves in publishing, as they draw a focus on our military which I think is so very important! All the men and women you write about I am sure are proud to have a writer dedicated to writing stories that honour their real lives!! — Jorie

    1. Post

      Hi, Jorie! thanks so much for your note. Most of what you say is true, but the email part is not. Some of the addresses are protected by security protocols, making it impossible for me to reply to the person. I’ve tried.

      It seems I’ll be choosing a new winner. Stay tuned! πŸ˜€

      1. Jorie

        I am so very thankful I went to Relz Reviews tonight, ahead of turning in! πŸ™‚ I lost a dearly beloved cat this past week, and it’s been emotional to say the least — I usually make my rounds to blogs throughout the week, but as I move forward from my grief I want to start returning to the blogs I love {yours is one of the newer ones I’m frequenting},…therefore, I am thankful after *Smash*’s send-off I dropped by Relz and then, came by here! I entered the new giveaway and I continue to commend you for your efforts to etch a true testament of the military into your books.

        I am sorry about the email mix-up — I guess I thought it was universal!? Oy. That’s like saying credit card machines in stores at check-out are universal! Duly noted, I will leave my email on each giveaway I participate in on your blog in the comments sections! And, yes, I shall stay tuned to see who ‘wins!’!! πŸ™‚

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