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So, I decided to attend the Christy Award Banquet in Orlando. Not because I hoped to win, but because I wanted them to place that medal around my neck! I think that’s one of the kewlest aspects of The Christy Awards!

Anyway…surprise of all surprises when the amazing Tyson Wynn started reading the first lines of the Contemporary Romance category winner:

Blood dripped into his eye. No, not blood. Sweat. Hands fisted tight against his sides, Captain Canyon Metcalfe blinked away the sting. Another salty drop slid down his temple.


Monday morning at ICRS, the American Christian Fiction Writers announced the finalists in the 2012 Carol Awards. WOLFSBANE FINALED!! Winners will be announced at ACFW in September!

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  1. carolyn Lewis

    Im very excited that Wolfsbane won a Christy! I love Canyon and Danielle’s story. Ive all read Firethorn.
    I want to say that I love Canyon’s family. I really would like to see more written about them in depth. What
    you have already written about them just teases me and leaves me very very curious about them. Stone, Willow,
    Range, Leif, Brooke. Granted you cant write that many new books, but maybe one of those books where every other chapter deals with a family member. Maybe the story is interrelated somehow. Please, I sure hope Im not the only one
    who has this deep feeling for Canyons family.

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