Wowie-Kazowie, I did it!!

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Yep, just a little bragging while I have a minute to breathe. Around the 6th of this month, I committed to my awesome agent that I’d have a complete rewrite of my romantic suspense done by the end of the month. Despite a computer crash, a bout with heat sickness, and enrolling my kids in school (we’ve been homeschooling), I made it. Last night (okay, early early this morning) at midnight-thirty, I penned the epilogue. SIXTY-THOUSAND WORDS IN FOURTEEN DAYS. SIGH. I am proud of myself. SIGH. That felt so good.

Of course, two of my CPs and I are lovingly arguing over this epilogue. I find it a tad cheesy, but one pointed out to me that it’s classic HAPPILY EVER AFTER. Well, I normally don’t write fuzzy stuff, so maybe that’s it. I’m not convinced. LOL

Now, I get to do the editing and layering for depth. This story really gave me a run for my time and energy. I bascially had to start over–too many changes just to do some minor rewriting. I didn’t feel connected to my story for the first several (okay, six ) chapters. Now that I’m done, my prayer is that after all these changes, the editor will want this book and see that I’m willing to be flexible. LOL Regardless, as Steve encouraged me to, I viewed this as a part of my education as a writer. I learned a LOT about myself, about writing for a particular market, about the insanity of this industry, and about how very much — no matter what–I LOVE WRITING!!!

What about you? What are you working on? You learning anything through it??

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  1. Cara Putman

    I’ve done the same thing with Deadly Exposure. I have to mail it to my editor tomorrow, and whole chunks had to be sliced and new ones written. The story is so much stronger, but it was WORK. Celebrate the succes, Ronie!

  2. Linda Fulkerson

    I’m impressed! I have so much to do before conference that I’ve been overwhelmed and done very little. After reading what you did in such a short time, I’m motivated to get going on my stuff, too! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Laurel

    Hi — just poking around and stumble upon your blog:-)

    Curious ’bout writing stuff … trying to BE a writer and tripping on all of the non-writing types of activities that go into it all !!! (sigh)

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