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Writing buddy Robin Miller tagged me with this writing-related meme:

1.) What’s the one book or writing project you haven’t yet written but still hope to?
The final book to my space opera. Or perhaps the sequel to my espionage thriller where they get to stop the neural-toxin release and save their daughter. πŸ˜€ Then there’s me trying to figure out how to do a Lara Croft-style book. πŸ˜€ Insane, eh?

2.) If you had one entire day in which to do nothing but read, what book would you start with?
The book I got for Mother’s Day and haven’t had time to dive into yet: Children of Hurin by Tolkien.

3.) What was your first writing “instrument” (besides pen and paper)?
A word processor with pop-out disks that went out of production before I could finish the first draft. LOL Sad, eh?

4.) What’s your best guess as to how many books you read in a month?
Dunno. Varies by the month. If I’m heavy into writing toward a deadline, I might not read more than two. No deadline? Possibly six or more.

5.) What’s your favorite writing “machine” you’ve ever owned?
I guess my laptop. A Christmas present while finishing my psychology degree, my laptop is awesome!

6.) Think historical fiction: what’s your favorite time period in which to read?
I like most all historicals and this flavor seeps into my space operas.

7.)What’s the one book you remember most clearly from your youth (childhood or teens)?
Search for Fierra by Stephen Lawhead. That and Frank Peretti’s This Present Darkness.

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