Bayou Justice by Robin Caroll

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Deep in the “boot” of Louisiana, Cajun country, an alligator environmentalist, CoCo LeBlanc, finds a body in the bayou. A body that just happens to be the grandfather of her ex-boyfriend, Luc Trahan. When she and her family are prime suspects in the murder, CoCo pushes aside her personal problems with Luc to find the real killer. Among voodoo, multiple suspects, and a long-standing family vendetta, CoCo and Luc must work together to prove their innocence. . .before the real murderer reveals himself, and becomes a threat to them.

I am honored to host one of my closest friends and beautiful/fabulous critique partner, Robin Caroll (aka: Robin Miller)! Robin currently serves as the President of the American Christian Fiction Writers and did a fabulous job on preparing and assembling all the incredible aspects of the conference hosted in Dallas. THANK YOU, GIRL!! And Congrats on seeing your hard work in print…FINALLY!!!! 😉

My review:
Bayou Justice (Steeple Hill Love Inspired Suspense) is peppered with Robin’s Cajun flare and spice. The plot is well-structured and her main characters are strong and believable as they work together to solve the murder plaguing the town of Lagniappe. Robin’s amazing ability to weave in culture and history carry this story in a compelling manner that is indicative of her unique, saucy style. She had my mouth watering for etouffee and sweat dribbling down my back from the smothering heat. Bayou Justice is a must read!

Here is a photo of me with Robin Caroll in 2005 as finalists in the Noble Theme (now, Genesis) Contest.
ENTER NOW to win a copy of Robin’s book!!! Leave a comment about a favorite memory of either meeting Robin or visiting Louisiana. Best story wins!! 😀

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  1. Cherie J

    I have never met Robin but think her book sounds wonderful. My first trip to Louisaiana was in 2000 right after my hubby and I got married. Hubby was raised in Louisiana and is half Cajun from his mother’s side. We went to visit his family and his mother and sister made me a seafood gumbo that was so delicious. It was so good and I have been hooked on Cajun food ever since. I had never been to New Orleans so we also went touring and I had a wonderful time touring the Quarter. Another time we went to visit his relatives in Opelousas where his mother was born and raised and where the Tony Chacheres seasoning originated. It was wonderful visiting “Cajun Country” and hearing that cool Cajun accent. Everyone was so warm and friendly. Every time I think of that time I smile because it is such a happy memory for me.

  2. Robin Caroll

    Cherie–having moved from Louisiana 9 years ago, that’s what I miss the most–the food! LOL I’m glad I learned to cook a lot of it, or I’d have starved when I moved! And everyone who knows me knows that it’s all about the food to me! LOL

  3. Heather Diane Tipton

    LOL I don’t think I can repeat the story of my first meeting with Robin. :o)

    Woohoo! Her book is finally here!

  4. Anonymous

    I’ve never met Robin and I’ve never been to Louisiana. However, since I’m a transplanted Pennsylvanian into Arkansas, I’ve been expected to eat Southern food. On the east coast (Phila. area), I loved my seafood. Any kind of seafood will do. I came to Arkansas where all seafood has been in the freezer. I went to a restaurant on a business trip where there was seafood. I told my son-in-law that I really enjoyed the little red mini-lobsters at the restaurant. He thought a bit and roared. He then informed me I had eaten crawfish.
    Rachel Kulp
    “Living on the Edge of An Era.”

  5. Robin Caroll

    Yeah, Heather, some things are MUCH better left unsaid! LOL

    Rachel….I’m a Louisianan transplanted to Arkansas, so I know what you mean about the frozen seafood. I’m allergic, but my hubby went through some SERIOUS issues coming here from south Louisiana, and he’s originally FROM Arkansas! Once the cajun food gets into you, it’s hard to go back to non! 😀

  6. Dineen A. Miller

    I love seeing Robin and her book all over the place. That just rocks!!! 🙂

    Leave me out of the drawing. I have one on order!

  7. Michael Ehret

    When I first met Robin? I THINK it was Wednesday night at this year’s ACFW conference in Dallas…in her suite…with the rest of the cast for the opening skit. I was the one in the blonde hair and pink blouse and Robin was the one collapsed in the chair looking like Edith Ann. Dang that woman is small! But you’d never know it from all she gets done. The book sounds cool…yet another one to add to my TBR pile.

  8. Robin Caroll

    Small? Oh, Mike, you’re now my new best friend! LOL

    For those of you who missed the skit at ACFW, it was HILAROUS! I seriously wish someone would’ve recorded it.

  9. C. Gwynn

    I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Robin or visiting Louisiana. I would love to one day.
    The book sounds awesome. Please include me in the drawing. Thanks!

  10. Hope Chastain

    I’ve only met Robin on the boards, although we live in the same state now! 😉 I don’t remember going through Louisiana when I was seven… 🙁 but I have always loved swamps and bayous, having been born not too far from one in Texas, close to the LA border. I fell in love with Cajun music when I first heard Beausoleil on “Austin City Limits.” I’m still working on those fiddle bowing patterns and double stops! I bought “A Dictionary of the Cajun Language” in, of all places, Tucson, Arizona! (I wanted to translate some of the songs, because I like to know what I’m singing!) This isn’t much of a Louisiana story, but please enter me in the drawing!

    Oh, and Robin, if you’re ever in the greater Fort Smith area, there’s a restaurant in Barling that’s supposed to have a way with crawdaddies! (Haven’t eaten there, because Mom and I don’t eat out much, but the commercials are fascinating!)

  11. Robin Caroll

    Hey, Hope! Some of our friends live in Ft. Smith. Ever heard of the Turpentine Wildlife Refuge where they rescue the big cats? Our friends own & operate that. Amazing place to visit!

  12. Robin Caroll

    Thanks again for having me here, Ronie! It’s been fun to get to meet all these folks! And y’all, the best part is I’m heading to Louisiana this weekend to do booksignings and have my launch party and wonderful cp that Ronie is, she’s coming! WOO HOO!

    Also wanted to tell y’all to check out my website as my contest is officially under way! Check it out!

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