Brand of Light Audiobook is HERE!!!!

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VOIDS!! It’s here!! It’s HERE!! Brand of Light audiobook officially populated on Audible today–a whole month sooner than expected! Thank you, Kailey Bechtel, for letting me know! It’s on several other sites and and in some library systems already. If it’s not in yours, please request it!
I’ve thrown together this quick 60-second teaser with a sample from teh full audobook and featuring Marco with Master Hunter Roman de Burco, discussing the Decree that will irrevocably alter Marco’s life …
I had a very long, heartbreaking journey to this glorious production. I started over fifteen months ago, chose a narrator whom I adored … but sadly, he went completely MIA on us. Would not communicate. Things weren’t happening. A Findaway Voices VIP got involved and I found … ADAM GOLD. Who is PURE GOLD–he completely OWNED Marco’s role and executed this story with BRILLIANCE. I know that sounds like a lot of hype, but this is from an author who has never been able to listen to her own books … but I SAVORED what Adam did with this story. The delectable narration–really, it’s more a LISTENING EXPERIENCE–is one you do not want to miss. Trust me–do yourself and your ears a favor–BUY IT!! And when you get to the more sultry scenes … make sure you have a/c and a cold drink. With Adam’s voice/expertise, you’re going to need it! #dontsayididntwarnyou #audiobook

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