Lady of Basilikas Cover Reveal!!

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LOOK!!! You guys, I am over the moon about this cover for LADY OF BASILIKAS, a standalone in The Droseran Saga universe! Look at all its gorgeousness, masterfully designed by the inimitable KIRK DOUPONCE!!! This story started as a subplot, small thread in Dawn of Vengeance. When I realized while writing DAWN that I was going to be massively over my word count, I pulled all the scenes between these characters and saved them to an alternate file. Then, we tucked those pieces into the first two books of the Dorseran Saga as they released, but then I had the bright idea to make that story it’s own book! My publisher thought it was a great idea, and we agreed …

War of Torment Cover Reveal!!

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PREORDER NOW! Y’all!! Here it is—the amazing cover for WAR OF TORMENT, the epic, tear-inducing conclusion to The Droseran Saga. I am THRILLED with this cover—the inimitable Kirk DouPonce hit every note I requested with deadly precision. WHAT DO YOU THINK??? WAR OF TORMENT will release April 11, 2023 and complete the series that has been in my head for nearly two decades. Writing the ending was both fulfilling and a little depressing, knowing my time with Marco was coming to a close. **WARNING: The back-cover copy below may contain spoilers!** ABOUT WAR: The time for peace is over—now he demands vengeance They followed him back. Against his will, against his intention. Now enemies threaten from every direction. Amidst it …

Shadow of Honor Preorder Campaign Update

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A massive THANK YOU  to all my amazing readers!! You made the Shadow of Honor Preorder Campaign a massive success!! All Hardcover swag packs have been claimed. We started with 50 and those were claimed on the first day! So, I opened up for 20 more packets, and those were claimed, too! There are still some ebook packs available. Submit your receipt now! PREORDER SHADOW OF HONOR NOW! In addition, we spent the last few weeks doing reveals on maps, character art, AND the surprise bonus item. For SHADOW OF HONOR, I commissioned Laura Hollingsworth to do Kyria Isaura, Ixion Mavridis, and Daq’Ti.  And the surprise bonus item is a 6×9 print of Lt. Jez Sidra/Rejeztia. She did an amazing …

Shadow of Honor Preorder Campaign … May the Fourth Be With You

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To celebrate May the Fourth (Be With You), I am launching the official SHADOW OF HONOR PREORDER CAMPAIGN!! SHADOW OF HONOR is book 3 of The Droseran Saga and will release June 14th from Enclave Publishing! The preorder campaign will run from May 4th to June 13th Eastern.             ABOUT SHADOW OF HONOR: The war he fears may be the very one he’s been called to start. Held captive, tortured by monsters of a nightmarish alien race, Marco Dusan clings to a final goal: keep these beasts from the Quadrants, even if it means orchestrating his own death. But his dreams betray that singular design. In them his bonded calls to him across lightyears. Does …

Brand of Light Audiobook is HERE!!!!

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VOIDS!! It’s here!! It’s HERE!! Brand of Light audiobook officially populated on Audible today–a whole month sooner than expected! Thank you, Kailey Bechtel, for letting me know! It’s on several other sites and and in some library systems already. If it’s not in yours, please request it! I’ve thrown together this quick 60-second teaser with a sample from teh full audobook and featuring Marco with Master Hunter Roman de Burco, discussing the Decree that will irrevocably alter Marco’s life … I had a very long, heartbreaking journey to this glorious production. I started over fifteen months ago, chose a narrator whom I adored … but sadly, he went completely MIA on us. Would not communicate. Things weren’t happening. A Findaway …

Cover Reveal – Dawn of Vengeance!

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COVER REVEAL!!! Look at this gorgeous beauty!!! Thrilled to share the cover for DAWN OF VENGEANCE (Droseran Saga Book 2), which releases December 8th from Enclave Publishing! PREORDER NOW:   ABOUT DAWN OF VENGEANCE: Once a formidable bounty hunter, Marco Dusan is plagued by insecurity as he tours the realm he now rules. This quiet, backwater planet is not as untouched as he’d once thought. Evidence of collusion between Droseran factions and the powerful Symmachians with their forbidden technology litters his encounters. Worse, all signs indicate Xisya, the alien who tortured him, is still snatching Kynigos Brethren-but to what end?   Lance Corporal Eija Zacdari works hard to win a coveted place on the Symmachian hyperjump program, but instinct …

Cover Reveal – Kathy Tyers’ CRYSTAL WITNESS!

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I’m excited to join the #coverreveal for the inimitable, award-winning Kathy Tyers and her repackaged CRYSTAL WITNESS, a sci-fi novel that releases June 2020 from Enclave Publishing!   PREORDER NOW!! ABOUT THE BOOK Her memories are blocked. Her freedom is gone. Her crime is a mystery. When Ming Dalamani awakens from twenty years of suspended animation, she recalls only fragments of her former life: the life she led before she was arrested by the governing interplanetary corporation, Renasco, for a now unremembered crime. Relocated to an alien world far from the only home she has ever known, Ming serves a powerful Renasco representative to repay her debt. But daily she lives with deadly threats from two men—the hideous mutant Zardir …


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It has been a *very long time coming … and I’m a little stunned that it is finally here, but yeaaaahhhhh, this is pretty much how I’m feeling. It’s shortly after midnight and it’s officially BRAND’s RELEASE DAY!!!    There’s a price on her head, and it has everything to do with the brand on her arm. Tertian Space Coalition has blessed every planet in the quadrants with high technology, save one: Drosero. But in spite of their tenuous treaty with the ruling clans, TSC has plans for the backward planet. And they’re not alone. After a catastrophic explosion, Kersei Dragoumis awakens in a derelict shuttle, alone, injured, and ignorant of the forbidden technology that has swept her into a …

What Is A Space Opera?

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I’ve written over twenty suspense novels and novellas, and three fantasy novels, so when readers became aware that I had a science fiction novel coming out, they weren’t really surprised. Especially when I explained this story-of-my-heart that has been in the works for fourteen years is a space opera. A what? *insert deer-in-headlights look* A space opera. Let’s break down this definition so it’s not really so “out there.” Basically, it’s a subgenre that falls under science fiction, but to the soft side, not the hard side (because Ronie can’t “science” to save her life, y’all). This subgenre arose during the 1930s, along with soap operas and horse operas (I had no idea that latter existed!). The term was a …

Brand of Light Maps

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I don’t know about you, but I LOVE seeing maps for fantasy and science fiction stories. Below are two maps I had created for use in The Droseran Saga. The Drosero map was created by a Fiverr artist, then updated/altered by Jame Foley to correct some things, and then Emilie Haney added the frame, since we were preparing these as postcards (she also designed a really cool back to the postcard, which isn’t shown here). The planetary map was beautiful depicted by Jamie Foley, and I couldn’t be more thrilled!! It’s incredible to see this storyworld coming to life!!