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TODAY’S THE DAY!!! I just had to remind y’all that today’s the day! John’s official release is today!!! So, HURRY over to and orderhis brand-spanking new book FOSSIL HUNTER today!! You have two purchase options, one through CBD and one through Amazon! So, take this opportunity to save this poor guy’s career and insure that his kids eat. I just ordered mine–and purchased two, one to keep, and one to give away on my blog!! Woo-hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t forget — TELL A FRIEND & BCC on the email, and you’re entered to win an iPod Touch!!

SAVE JOHN’S CAREER!! (& win an iPod Touch!)

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SAVE JOHN’S CAREER!!!**EXPELLED THE MOVIE****FOSSIL HUNTER, THE NOVEL****LEARN HOW TO WIN AN iPOD TOUCH!****TELL A FRIEND!! ** It is with a joyful, yet heavy heart that I begin this campaign. You see, a beloved brother of mine is also an author—an author whose awesome book is priming for launch—and in order to save his career, JOHN OLSON could really use stellar sales numbers and fans/friends to help him out. First, let me tell you a tad about him—because unless I can appeal to your hearts, hardened by years of people begging money and favors, this campaign will flop like Shamu! JOHN OLSON is an amazing man, who has written an incredible book called FOSSIL HUNTER. A few years ago John …