Meet Kazi Faron

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My amazing friend Rel Mollet from DownUnder has an interview up at her blog with Kazi FAron, the heroine of Firethorn, Discarded Heroes #4. Here’s the image of Kazi that I used while writing the story. I’m giving you a sneak peek because–soon, I hope–I’ll let you see who ended up on the cover. Oh how I wish the designers could’ve used this image. I think Elisha Cuthbert just glows!! What do you think? Don’t forget to stop by check out Kazi’s interview at RelzReviewz!!


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I am so excited. Within the next couple of days, I hope to be able to reveal the cover of Discarded Heroes book #2, Digitalis. I got to see it last week and nearly exploded (*kersplat*). Barbour has done a fabulous job, and it’s sooooo amazing to see the series unfold and come to life. For now…my awesome friend Rel Mollet has a small feature on Nightshade (releases July 1st!) for your viewing pleasure on her blog, RelzReviewz. I’ll hope you’ll peak at it and leave a comment, just a small way of showing appreciation to Rel for featuring them–and she’s the first, so how kewl is that!?!? Blessings, y’all!!