Michelle P – You won!

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Yep, it’s true. Michelle P won my copy of Remembered by Tamera Alexander. Michelle, email me with your snail mail address, and I’ll get this book out to you!! And yes – my commonality with the heroine is that my birthname is Veronica. (Even if Neen and Mindy say I dont’ look like a Veronica). LOL I loved reading about Veronique and wishing I could hear my name said in French. 😀 The rest of you–sprint to your nearest bookstore and snag a copy of this great book!!

Remembered by Tamera Alexander

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Learn from the masters? You’ve heard it said just as much as I have. But how many times does it happen that you go to read something from an author you consider to be a “master,” and you end up disappointed—either with a cheesy storyline or horrible craft?? I’ve been disappointed many times. Well, let me say—that is ABSOLUTELY NOT the case with Tamera Alexander. If you’re looking for a good read with nearly flawless craft, this is one author you can trust. I’ve seen Tammy’s books everywhere (and loved all the covers!), so I was delighted to get the chance to review REMEMBERED. REMEMBERED tugged me right in—don’t shoot me, but I totally love historicals. Especially the fact that …