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Learn from the masters? You’ve heard it said just as much as I have. But how many times does it happen that you go to read something from an author you consider to be a “master,” and you end up disappointed—either with a cheesy storyline or horrible craft?? I’ve been disappointed many times.

Well, let me say—that is ABSOLUTELY NOT the case with Tamera Alexander. If you’re looking for a good read with nearly flawless craft, this is one author you can trust. I’ve seen Tammy’s books everywhere (and loved all the covers!), so I was delighted to get the chance to review REMEMBERED.

REMEMBERED tugged me right in—don’t shoot me, but I totally love historicals. Especially the fact that Véronique started out in her beloved Paris. Her haughtiness played in perfectly throughout the whole story. As I dug into the story, I started to get a bit wary of where **I** thought the story was headed. It seemed to be taking a path I just knew wouldn’t end well for Véronique. And that angered me. Boy, was I ever so glad to be wrong! Tammy took a special twist on an overdone story element, and surprised me—so much that I actually teared up. 😀

REMEMBERED was such a great read, that I’m not going to keep my copy (I can’t believe I’m doing this!!). I will give away this copy in a drawing to be chosen on my husband’s birthday, the 27th.

So, drop a note (either here or on Shoutlife) and let me know you want to be included—oh, and there’s something else—I have something in common with the heroine in REMEMBERED. If you can guess, you get TWO entries. 😀

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  1. Martha W. Rogers

    I don’t need the book as I just finished it, but I bet your name is the same as her heroine’s name and it’s a beatiful one.

  2. Jenness

    Oooo. I bet Martha guessed it. So I’m going to say the same as her. LOL. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Tamara Alexander, and the covers are beautiful! Count me in.

  3. Michelle Pendergrass

    Ooh yeah, count me in. I loved Tammy’s first book and have been wanting to read more!

    And yes, I believe Martha is right too 😉

  4. carrie Turansky

    I also just finished Rembered, and I loved it! I would love to have another copy to give away as a gift. I will guess that you are an artist like Veronique. : )

  5. Audra

    I’d love to be entered.

    I’m guessing the name, too. And if you do share the same name, do you have French blood, too? 🙂

  6. Dineen A. Miller

    I’m so curious about this book, and so happy to see Tammy’s book doing so well. Don’t worry about counting me in. I wouldn’t read it right away, so let some one else have my vote. 🙂

    Great review, girl! XOXOOXOXOXO

  7. Dona Watson

    The read the first book in this series. Even though this not my favorite genre, but I was so taken with the book, I’d LOVE to read the second. Please count me in!

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