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It’s been a crazy week. As y’all know, DEAD RECKONING was free on Kindle from the 22nd-29th, and with it came several 2-star reviews that broke the TWENTY-EIGHT 4- and 5-star review streak. These reviews were very harsh, angry that it was a Christian book and free, called the story a mess, said they don’t have “interstates” in India (um, explain that to India’s national transportation system with more than 900K miles of paved highways that stretch ACROSS India’s states (INTER-STATE highways), with 8 lanes in some areas).

Anyway…it was tough to see those when I was sitting here in my cave trying to peck out the last 1/4 of WOLFSBANE, Discarded Heroes #3. But I kept giving the whole writing thing to God, praying and spending quiet time with Him, reminding myself that I write for Him and when I use the gift He gave me, that’s all the approval I need. 😀 God loved on me a lot this past week. It was so beautiful!

But this morning–a wonderful email arrived in my inbox.

DEAD RECKONING made the short list for the 2010 INSPY Awards in the Thriller/Suspense category!!
In case you haven’t heard, this is a contest run by bloggers. Their motto is: “The Bloggers’ Award for Excellence in Faith-Driven Literature.”

I have to say–I love this. It’s organized by bloggers/readers and judged by bloggers/readers. How kewl is that?!? It’s a brilliant idea, and I’m so glad to see this type of contest.

Here is the full list–amazing authors and reads!!


Announcing the INSPY Shortlists
October 1, 2010

The INSPY Advisory Board is pleased to announce the shortlists for the 2010 INSPY Awards. We thank you for your enthusiastic nominations of books and acknowledge the difficulties in narrowing the field with so many quality nominations.

General & Literary Fiction

The Christmas Glass by Marci Alborghetti, Guideposts, 1st October, 2009

Life in Defiance by Mary DeMuth, Zondervan, 1st May, 2010

Lost Mission by Athol Dickson, Howard Books, 1st September, 2009

Lucky Baby by Meredith Efken, Howard Books, 13th April, 2010

Crossing Oceans by Gina Holmes, Tyndale House, 1st May, 2010

Creative Non-Fiction

Evolving in Monkey Town by Rachel Held Evans, Zondervan, 15th June, 2010

A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller, Thomas Nelson, 29th September, 2009

Halfway to Each Other by Susan Pohlman, Guideposts, 1st September, 2009

God Hides in Plain Sight by Dean Nelson, Brazos Press, 1st October, 2009

Hear No Evil by Matthew Paul Turner, Waterbrook Press, 16th February, 2010

Historical Fiction

The Frontiersman’s Daughter by Laura Frantz, Revell Books, 1st August, 2009

The Silent Governess by Julie Klassen, Bethany House, 1st January, 2010

The Fiddler’s Gun by AS Peterson, Rabbit Room Press, 1st December, 2009

She Walks in Beauty by Siri Mitchell, Bethany House, 1st April, 2010

Her Mother’s Hope by Francine Rivers, Tyndale House, 1st March, 2010


Priceless by Tom Davis, David C Cook, 1st June, 2010

The Bride Collector by Ted Dekker, Hodder & Stoughton, 27th May, 2010

The Clouds Roll Away by Sibella Giorello, Thomas Nelson, 16th March, 2010

The Knight by Steven James, Revell Books, 1st August, 2009

Dead Reckoning by Ronie Kendig, Abingdon Press, 1st March, 2010

Speculative Fiction

Green by Ted Dekker, Thomas Nelson, 1st September, 2009

The Last Christian by David Gregory, Waterbrook Press, 4th May, 2010

A Star Curiously Singing by Kerry Nietz, Marcher Lord Press, 1st October, 2009

Eternity Falls by Kirk Outerbridge, Marcher Lord Press, 1st October, 2009

Rooms by James L. Rubart, B&H Publishing, 1st April, 2010

Amish Fiction

Love Finds You in Charm, Ohio by Annalisa Daughety, Summerside Press, 1st September, 2009

An Honest Love by Kathleen Fuller, Thomas Nelson, 16th March, 2010

Winter’s Awakening by Shelley Shepard Gray, Avon Inspire, 1st February, 2010

Anna’s Return by Marta Perry, Berkley, 1st June, 2010

Plain Paradise by Beth Wiseman, Thomas Nelson, 30th March, 2010

Romance/Romantic Suspense

A Lady Like Sarah by Margaret Brownley, Thomas Nelson, 29th December, 2009

Blood Ransom by Lisa Harris, Zondervan, 1st April, 2010

Seaside Letters by Denise Hunter, Thomas Nelson, 6th October, 2009

Mr. Darcy Broke My Heart by Beth Patillo, Guideposts, 1st February, 2010

Sons of Thunder by Susan May Warren, Summerside Press, 1st February, 2010

Young Adult Fiction

A Little Help From My Friends by Anne Dayton & May Vanderbilt, FaithWords, 15th October, 2009

This Gorgeous Game by Donna Freitas, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 25th May, 2010

So Over My Head by Jenny B Jones, Thomas Nelson, 4th May, 2010

Beautiful by Cindy Martinusen Coloma, Thomas Nelson, 3rd November, 2009

Once Was Lost by Sara Zarr, Little Brown, 1st October, 2009

Note: Dates from the publishers’ sites were used to determine eligibility

Correction: We just became aware that one of the books initially listed on the INSPYs shortlists was ineligible because of the date it was published. We’ve updated the list above. The INSPY Advisory Board sincerely apologizes for this mistake.

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  1. Laura Frantz

    Congrats on this! I've heard so many wonderful things about you and your work:) You might just conver me from historicals to thriller/suspense! Celebrating with you today. You have a great blog!

  2. Ronie Kendig

    LOL Too funny!

    I've heard tons of good things about your books–and you're a Richard Armitage fan, so I know you ROCK! LOL I write thriller/suspense but the category I tend to read most (beside spec) is Historical. So, I need to get on the ball and read yours! You've come highly recommended. 😀

  3. Mocha with Linda

    Congrats on your well-deserved nomination!

    I am so excited that I get to be a judge for the Young Adult genre!

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