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Okay, yep, I’m jumping up and down, and dancing! My book, DEAD RECKONING, is up on Amazon now. I’m soooo excited. This really made it feel real (wonder how many “this made it feel real” it will take to make this REAL to me LOL).

So…you can PRE-order it now at Cokesbury (40% off!), Amazon, and!! Of course, we’ll have a big push on the March 1, 2010 release date to see if we can’t skyrocket through the ranks.

BookPreview is doing my trailer, and I am anxiously awaiting that. Stay tuned so I can share it with you when they’re finished. You *have* seen some of their trailers, right? I think they’re top-notch.

In other writing business, I’m working steadily on my new military series, since DR is heading toward the ARC (yay!). Book 1, NIGHTSHADE, is written and I have an awesome guy combing through it for military-related errors (yeah…it’s painful, but good. Anything that makes the story stronger/better, ya know?). Interspersed with the editing, I’m working on book 2, DIGITALIS. That book…it’s daunting. Of course, so was book 1 since Max was so intense.

Oh, oh, oh! I want to share with y’all the awesome Nightshade emblem my husband’s best friend designed for us. He did such an awesome job that Barbour is going to use the emblem on the cover. YAY!!! Here it is.

What do you think? I am so impressed!!

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